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11+ Best Sites to Download Free SVG Illustrations

There is no doubt about the importance of Scalable Vector Graphics illustration today. Since SVG illustration avoids the obstacle of screen resolution, it is best for the web. Whatever the new smartphone’s pixels are, SVG images look as fresh as they can cause they are drawn with code, not pixels. To help you enhance your web projects, we’ve compiled a list of the top sites to download free SVG illustrations.

Efficiency of SVG File

Sometimes, file size creates issues or problems because of extra load, especially when you need high-definition. But the SVG illustration format is built with XML, which helps to remove all the useless stuff and gives almost a lightweight file.

The elements of SVG are super responsive in that they can be animated and styled with CSS. So, you can change colors, sizes, and many more according to user interaction.

Understanding SVG Format

SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, is a vector image format for downloading free illustrations. The World Wide Web Consortium developed this format in 1998. SVG helps you re-adjust or estimate the image according to your suggestions.

As SVG illustration files are based on text, they can be explored and listed. This fluency makes them clear to search engines, screen readers, and other devices. All elements inside the SVG illustration are also available for exploration and administration.

Top Sites To Download Free SVG Illustrations

If you are looking for free SVG Illustrations for your design or content, we have the best list of free websites for you. Here are 11+ best websites to Download free SVG Illustrations for your upcoming website or app design.

Let’s stop bragging and jump into the main topic. 



unDraw produced by Katerina Limpitsouni in 2017 with customizable MIT licensed illustrations. This open-source illustration library comes with an amazing collection that provides more than 500 illustrations in any possible category.

Also, they are both free, and no need for attribution. unDraw is the most popular and unique platform where you can find the image store without any trouble.

Moreover, with access to SVG files, you can literally switch together multiple illustrations, edit, and customize a fully custom design.  There is not much to explain about unDraw’s ability. Now, all you have to do is explore, choose the scheme, download, and enjoy.


Many Pixels - 7500 Free illustration

ManyPixels is a fantastic site that implements an on-demand service for arranging the customized design you require. They charge a small monthly fee for their individual characteristics.

They also come with a bunch of royalty-free images for blog posts, landing pages, social media, and more. Moreover, this collection can be updated constantly and allows you to use it with full freedom.

Here you can change the default color before downloading free images and can download full SVG format files. Though the illustrations are free, you can’t recompile the files and exchange them elsewhere. ManyPixels are similar to unDrawn cause both of them have various creators.

Absurd Design

Absurd Design - Free SVG Illustrations

Absurd illustrations come with a collection of wired, imperfect illustrations. These imperfect illustrations are actually doodles that make no sense, but using them on the platform can add extra value that is beneficial.

You can also blow the visitor’s mind with these productive,  highly creative, and apparently unusual illustrations.

Basically, Absurd design encourages playfulness and creativity and spreads them. All of the designs are imperfect and absurd, like its name.

But all of them are not free because they have both a free and premium version. If you want to know more, all you have to do is visit and learn.



Humaaans is a site based on illustrations of human imagination. It seems that they focused on this and collected all of these.

Whatever the situation you need for your article, Humaaans surely will provide you. When you represent something that resembles human emotion, you will get attention.

You can turn this creative artwork into any kind of project where you need an impact of liveliness. Besides using them as icon placement, you can also apply them for a full-blown hero section. Moreover, having the CCO license, it’s absolutely free to use for commercial and personal use.



James Daly built Drawkit to help designers and startup owners. The site offers more than 50 free Hand-drawn 2D & 3D illustrations, icons, and animations. Perfect for your next project.

Also, they have many categories like Abstract, Animals, Business, Finance, Design, and many more to choose from.

Moreover, they have an amazing collection of customizable SVGs. The files are licensed by MIT and are great for personal and commercial needs.

Moreover, they have both free and premium illustrations, so you can choose from anywhere at a reasonable price for your web, app, or project. 


Ouch - Free Vector and SVG Illustrations

Ouch is an illustration project by icons8 particularly meant for several types of apps and pages. They have classified images into various categories for everyone.

These illustrations will give your project a new and trendy look. They encourage authors who don’t draw to overcome the shortage of quality graphics for app screens, articles, landing pages, and emails. 

You can download the free illustrations from top Dribbble artists to class up your product. Also, Ouch has inventive and different vector graphics for your next web design project. 


IconScout - free SVG illustrations

IconScout is another great resource that offers a vast collection of free SVG illustrations. It provides designers and developers with high-quality graphics for various projects.

With an extensive library and user-friendly interface, IconScout simplifies the process of finding and downloading the perfect illustrations for websites, apps, presentations, and more.

IRA Design

Ira Design -  Amazing SVG illustrations

If you are looking for something different than any other illustration site, IRA Design is there for you. They have the facility to customize the illustration before downloading it.

So, you can select your gradient from their sites, customize it, and then download it. Moreover, all the illustrations of IRA design are based on gradients and have different categories.

They allow you to design your illustrations by applying the pre-built components. Every component comes with five different gradient styles, and you can download them as SVG, AI, or PNG files.


Freepik - Free High Quality SVG Illustrations

FreePik is famous for its huge collection of free and premium images, SVGs, and PSDs. Its popularity is so high that big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Spotify use its resources.

FreePik was established by brothers Alejandro and Pablo Blanes, along with their friend Joaquín Cuenca, in 2010.

Moreover, this site assists you in gaining free vector art, illustrations, icons, PSDs, and photos for use in websites, banners, presentations, and magazines. As we want to improve day by day, FreePik offers the best high-quality content, free illustrations, photos, icons, mockups, and presentation templates.


Pixbay- Free SVG Illustrations & Stock Images

Pixabay is a collection of creatives sharing copyright-free images and videos. The license of Pixabay supports all the contents, so there is no need to seek permission.

You don’t need to credit the artist, even for commercial purposes. This image search engine has tons of free vectors available.

Also, Pixabay has a great mixture of free vector images, ranging from cartoon images to object illustrations and free icons for website button design. 

Freebie Supply

Freebies Supply

By using Sketch or Figma in a regular workflow, one can discover tens of thousands of free resources. Freebie Supply gathers such resources into one singular directory with more than 300 pages of free content.


Vecteezy - Free SVG Illustrations

Vecteezy comes with over 100,000 free vector images and is the largest vector graphics community worldwide. It has a great variety of vectors, and you’ll discover what you need. Also, you can comment on vectors and give them a review of the design. 


In conclusion, these sites offer a collection of free SVG illustrations catering to diverse design needs and preferences.

Whether you’re seeking sleek and modern designs, playful doodles, or vibrant gradients, there’s something for everyone.

From the vast libraries of unDraw and ManyPixels to Absurd Design and Humaaans, these resources empower creators to upgrade their projects with stunning visuals.

Explore the possibilities, unleash your creativity, and enhance your designs with these top-notch free SVG illustration resources.

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