Best Free Icons for Web Designers and Developers 2023

By Jenifer

Best Free Icons for Web Designers and Developers 2023

An icon is a graphic symbol on a computer display screen that represents a program, feature, or file. The action is performed or the linked file or program opens with a click or double-click on an icon.  Icons are essential components for web developers and designers in the design of all kinds of interfaces. 

Why do you need the Icon Packs?

As the UI design moves at a fast pace, it can be a strenuous task to follow the latest changes in icon design. Icons are everywhere whether it’s an app or a website. Basically, icons explain everything without using single words like simplifying communication, conveying messages. In spite of the widespread use of icons,  these tiny visual symbols need more accuracy while including them in some productive work. For making the design more engaging and impressive, icons are the most obvious and quickest way. The appropriate icons can do lots of stuff like controlling the users on the page, conferring them the buttons and links, and bringing clarity to the UI. Nowadays, Icons have adapted the excellence of simplicity by combining the minimal characteristics from earlier popular icon styles and grown more refined and more specialized. 

If you are going to work with icons then there is one thing that you have to keep in mind that icons in a particular project should be compatible, adhering to the corresponding visual guidelines. Choose an icon set that shares a blended look and assuring that all the icons will match together. But what if you don’t get a set like this then invest in more sets that balance in style and language, noting parameters for example line width, corner shape like if it is round or sharp, outlined or filled, and many more.

Following we have selected the 10 most demanding icons set for your project in 2023. Try these free and resourceful packs and let us know which one matches your requirements. Without further ado let’s get a plunge into the main topic. 


lineicons 2022

LineIcons is one of the best free icon packs that offers 5000+ vital icons. This simple yet complete pack comes with all vital icons from 20+ different categories, 2 weight variations, scalable file formats, high legibility, free CDN, and much more. LineIcons is specially created and designed for developers and designers. Moreover, this pack comes with all kinds of handcrafted icons for the current UI of Android, Web, Desktop App, and iOS projects. For making your task easier It also offers – Free CDN, clear documentation, and starter templates. Also, LineIcons has two different packages: web fonts and SVG files.

The Noun Project

The Noun Project is a professional icon pack that launched in 2011. This pack has the largest icon collection on the web approximately over 3 million icons are there. A class of independent designers has built this icon pack’s library. The icons of this site are available in both SVG and PNG formats and also maximum icons on this site are available in black and white styles. Here both designers and artistic professionals can cooperate to trade their plans and get an obviously unlimited library of premium icons.


Icons8 comes with a vast collection of over 145,000 icons for designers. This awesome icons font pack is super handy after downloading it you can have all of the icons on your hard drive. All of these icons are available in different sizes, formats, and colors. Also, you can customize these icons before downloading. All of these are free but they have premium packs too. If you choose the premium package you can get some extra features. The icons of the premium package are available in SVG, large PNG, and other formats. Also, Icons8’s icons run with Sketch, Photoshop, Xcode, etc, and can be redesigned by your own choice. 


IcoMoon, a limited number of icon packs, is one of the best icon management tools for designers and developers.  In this app, every pack is designed by a different designer so under one roof you are getting everything you need. Also, this app has the feature of customization for example you can gather and use your own icons in various formats like Polymer, SVG, XAML, PDF, CSH, icon font, or simple PNG/CSS sprites, etc. Also, IcoMoon provides access to multiple icon packs and has both free and premium packs. 


Iconmonstr is a free icon pack that offers 4,400 simple, black-and-white icons to use in 313 new collections. The formats of every icon file come in such formats as SVG, AI, PSD, and PNG. The icons of this pack are bold or fill heavyweight as well as thin, lightweight. Here you can select according to your choice among all the icons. Also, you can use these icon files for free and commercial purposes.

Material Design Icon

Material Design Icons is a free icon site that comes with a huge collection of icons. This icon set guides user interface design best practices with its guidelines, components, and tools. The icons also support developers and designers to assemble various icons in the size, color, and format that they want and use them to target several platforms. This open-source icon pack has five different themes – filled, outlined, rounded, two-tone, and sharp icons. Also, the file format of these icons is available in SVG and PNG.

Streamline Icon

Streamline Icon is one of the most complete, nice, and flexible icons set in the web market. This tool claims that it has the world’s largest icon pack and offers 30,000 vector icons. These icons are easily available to utilize in the industry’s most successful design applications, such as Photoshop and Keynote.  You can use these icons to make a great website, iPhone, and android apps. Also, this tool offers a free pack with 210 vector icons. They have both free and premium packs so feel free to use the free one before purchasing the premium one.


Flaticon is an amazing free icon resource that contains over 3.5 million vector icons. You can use these icons for both personal and commercial projects and can customize them too. Also, for a variety of different purposes, this pack provides you with 79,000 icons with a free pattern generator to produce perpetual patterns from your preference of icons, and also a Google app to combine icons into Google Docs and Google Slides. The formats of these icon files are available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64 formats.


Linearicons is another option in our list that comes with a collection of 1,001 icons. This free icon pack has different packages too so you can choose your desired one such as the desktop package. Also, be aware of the free version like with the link to the website for attribution, and don’t forget to mention the designer name.


Feather comes with a vast collection of open-source icons that are offered by Dribble and made by Cole Bemis. This free icon pack has more than 200 icons that come in 8 different categories. So you can easily find your most relevant ones for your project. The icons also are full of simplicity, consistency, and flexibility, and are licensed under the MIT License. So with all of these features you can start your project quickly so just download the list and there you go.

If you are a graphic designer or a site owner or a developer and you need icons for your project, you can choose any of these packs. All of them are free and quite handy. Designing an icon can be a time-consuming task so without wasting your valuable time you can move into ready-made icon packs. These ready-to-use icon packs have a vast collection of icons and all you have to do is download and there you go. With this process, you can save your time and get a full pack of beautiful icons. Let us know which one grabs your attention and why.

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