20 Best Prototyping and Design Tools for Product Design

By Jenifer

20 Best Prototyping and Design Tools for Product Design

Prototyping Tool

Prototyping is a process that enables faster creativity and effective experimentation for the product team. Basically, it help designers to manifest their designs or ideas to cooperate better with the clients. With prototyping tools, designers can make product creation quicker and much more powerful. Also, designers can show the clients an obvious summary of what is going to be made. 

Benefits of using Prototyping Tool

Prototyping significantly speeds up the design process. It allows displaying the designs in a real-world environment and recognizes the potential problems and prevents them quickly. Moreover, it maintains spot errors that would require higher interest during later stages. Prototypes help to establish your design goals and plans, clarify them, and enable them to grow. For exhibiting the practicality of a design concept you need prototyping that is particularly beneficial. Earlier practicality installed, new prototyping can be remarkably beneficial. So, enhance your design’s production qualities and functionality. By using prototyping tools you can also detect the problems early and fix them easily. You can save extra time and money. Also, these tools come with a vast amount of more valuable information than text or slideshows. With prototyping, you can cut out your long product review meetings into short ones. 

With a useful design, a good prototyping tool comes with much more features. It speeds up the design process with the early action of finding design errors. Here we are providing you the 20 best prototyping and design tools for product design. Grab your fab one and let us know about your experience. 


Figma is a relatively new tool that offers UX designers, developers easy collaboration and accessibility. Also, this tool is easy to get started with and using its flexibility you can control the appearance of text, grids, and other elements across a project. Moreover, Figma comes with a variety of useful plugins for improving the design’s functionality.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a free prototyping tool for creating interactions, transitions, and other types of dynamic functionality. This vector-based tool is known for its Photoshop and Illustrator. Also, it has another new UX prototyping tool known as Adobe Experience Design CC. Moreover, designers can import files from their tools of Adobe and connect with clients easily. 


ProtoPie is a new tool that provides advanced micro-interactions for producing prototypes for the product. It smoothly syncs with Photoshop or Sketch. Also, this tool enables you to inquire about the functionality of your prototypes by scanning a barcode. 


Webflow is a prototyping tool that is specially built for those who don’t know anything about codes. This tool allows users to create sites in a short time and also you can change the HTML and CSS according to the client’s demand. This amazing tool was launched by two brothers in 2013.


Invision is a designing prototyping tool that comes with a bunch of features like sitewide changing of repeatable components, vector designing tools, and other tools for attaching animation and other optical effects. This tool gives the freedom to designers to design, survey, analysis, and share the results with developers and other team members. Also, InVision comes with another two facilities that are communication and collaboration.


Origami is designed by Facebook for design and build projects. This designing tool comes with powerful and advanced tools for website and app designing. Also, Origami lets you build a prototype and use it on the device by Origami Live app. Moreover, It comes with many prebuilt patches, tools, and customization options that can be used for creating a quick mockup. 


Sketch is a vector-based prototyping tool that is mostly used by UX designers. This open-source tool is easy to use, saves a lot of time, and comes with a well-designed user interface. Also, Sketch’s functionality is its backbone and based on consistency and uniformity. By using your fingertips you can speed up the process of designing with Sketch.


Justinmind is a free popular prototyping tool that is known for performing high-quality work. This tool comes with a lot of features such as drag and drops functionality, producing sophisticated web apps, and loads of supports for other stuff. Also, contains UI libraries and several templates for making work easier. 

Axure RP 9

Axure RP 9 comes with the double power of wireframing and prototyping. With this tool, designers can make not only high but also low-resolution prototypes of apps and websites. Also, it comes with a good complete documentation tool and tracking options for keeping the notes and tasks. Moreover, Axure RP 9 is super easy to use and anybody can use it without any professional help.


Farmer is a designing prototyping tool that offers to create master components within just a click. With this tool, you can build complete functional prototypes by linking the pages together to designing 3D effects. Also, Farmer comes with built-in interactive components that’ll help you to work easily. Moreover, the Farmer X Store offers you thousands of resources that give access to everything from UI kits, media players, and live maps.


Proto.io is a powerful prototyping tool that has been used by some of the big platforms like ESPN, Amazon, and PayPal. This tool comes with a load of functions that work with the drag and drop option, clicking the buttons, etc. Also, you can bring your work into proto.io on your own.  


Atomic is a web-based tool that solves complex problems in the process of building the product. As this tool is web-based you need google chrome or firefox or any kind of web browser to run the application. With its super flexibility and control option, you can build fine-tune interactions and see them within a snap. Also, this tool provides you easy access by sharing a smooth prototyping system. 


Principal is a designing prototyping tool that creates dazzling interactions and eye-catching animations. This app is built for OS X that comes with an iOS app. It lets you create amazing designs according to your taste. Also, Principal offers aspects such as alignment, artboard creation, and screen connections, plus real-time previews. 

Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups is a powerful prototyping tool that is best for a UX newbie. This tool is highly straightforward to use and comes with more than 500 premade icons and items. Balasmiq’s interactions are so basic and it’s sweet spot is the UX ideation phase. Also, it provides really excellent sharp sketches of a prototype.


Marvel is a prototyping tool that lets you mix up apps and websites quickly. It comes with a complete suite of prototyping tools and a handoff tool. With Marvel, developers can create a live website automatically. 


UXPin is a designing prototyping tool that helps designers to create a smooth transition between every stage of the design process. So you can create a transition between Paper sketches, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and any unique combination. Also, it takes less time to make a transition between design processes and gives you a high-fidelity prototype.   

Mockplus iDoc

Mockplus iDoc is a powerful prototyping designing tool that is specially designed for developers and engineers. With this tool, you can export  designs in one click from Sketch, XD and PS. also, it automatically generates accurate spaces, assets, code snippets. Moreover, Mockplus allows you to create an interactive and animated prototype. 


Flinto is a prototyping tool that creates a perfect integration with the sketch. Also, It is mobile-friendly cause it allows developers to design interactive prototypes for the mobile, desktop, or any other web application. Moreover, Flinto permits developers to build complex micro-interactions on top of their layers that are shipped from the sketch.

Prototyping tools allow you to collect feed, analyze usability, and squeeze a design-forward the way. These tools hold their own unique services, specialties and suit various requirements. All you need that one prototyping tool that’ll suit you best for your project. So from these 20 amazing prototyping tools, you can choose yours and help you out with your project. Let us know in the comments below your favorite prototyping tool and why it is best for you.

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