10 Best Free Bootstrap UI Kits of 2020

September 20, 2019| UIdeck Team

Free Bootstrap UI Kits has capability to speed up the process of web development to novel heights hence providing you appropriate time to spare. You just need to copy the html as well as css snippet inside your web page elements. Using it you would enjoy the attractive design of website in less time than usual. Through raging trends of flat and material design it has been prevalent as it is presently pursue more frequently by the design community.

After raising the usage of UI Kits, there are thousands of UI Kits available on the web but not all of them are that much useful. So, We handpicked some of the best and useful Bootstrap based UI Free Kits to share with you.


Ayro UI – Free Bootstrap 4 Startup UI Kit

Ayro UI is most trending UI kit of 2020, it comes with 400+ tons of elements, 150+ sections and multiple example templates. Its attractive, trendy and refreshing design can impress users instantly!

Ayro UI based on latest version of bootstrap 4 and updated regularly, if you are looking for feature-rich, refreshing and a complete UI kit to kickstart your next startup web project, it will be the perfect choice!



Helium – Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Helium is best UI Kit based on Bootstrap 4 around the web. Why? Its based on latest release of Bootstrap (Bootstrap 4.0), Clean Design and Comes with 120+ HTML UI Elements. Best thing is its completely free to use with personal or commercial projects. Helium is feature-rich and scalable UI Kit built with latest technologies such as – Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3 and Sass (as css processor).



Bootstrap 4 Startup UI Kit

This is essentially a fully responsive UI kit based on Bootstrap 4. It comprises 23 different UI cards in 8 various categories that you can combine as well as match to make your personal unique layouts. It will make it a breeze to create your own clear landing pages as well as support to launch your startup. As it is depended on Bootstrap, users will experience that it very simple to expand and create the included templates.


Paper Kit

Paper Kit is a modern, flat, clean, flexible and well crafted, CSS3 and HTML5, responsive Bootstrap UI Kit. This UI kit is simple to use and very convenient, as it delivers completely responsive elements and design. It is depended on Bootstrap as well as 3 customized plugins, 19 handcrafted components, and 3 example pages. It also serves a faster, simpler and less repetitive approach for web developers to make beautiful site and web apps too.


Availity UI Kit

It is known that Availity UIKit is resultant from Bootstrap 3 and lets developers to make striking web applications for purpose of the Availity Spaces platform. This kit is accessible via Bower, Github, and NPM, while it supports Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome (its latest version), Mozilla Firefox (its latest version), its original Bootstrap resolutions were conserved as much as possible.


Bootstrap Material Design

The exquisiteness of Bootstrap is that the framework performs as a network for creating a website. It is known that its components are solutions to create your website appear extravagant, but Bootstrap permits custom editing of elements and essentially boosts it. Due to that, you are now able to download this UI Kit for Bootstrap and get our Bootstrap websites changed into material design experience in less time.


Metro UI CSS

For purpose of use in CSS, the default Metro UI CSS grid mechanism makes use of 12 columns, creating for a 940px wide container in absence of responsive features being enabled. Through the responsive CSS file being included, the grid adjusts to be 724px as well as 1170px wide based on viewport. At less than 767px viewports, the columns turn out to be fluid and become stack vertically as well. This framework is a sleek, powerful and intuitive, one for easier and faster web development for Windows Metro Style.


Flat UI Free

Flat UI is known to be depended on Bootstrap, which is a responsive, comfortable, and functional kind of framework working to simplify the websites development. Not just it’s eye catchy but applying this flat UI kit will assure your website to be functional too. The appropriate typography balance of positioning and weight as well as the margins, paddings, and colors will convey an attractive feel to your site with a characteristic focus on content.


One UI Kit

It is known that OneUI’s layout was essentially created from the ground up to be lightweight, flexible, and simple to use. It will facilitate you to create frontend and backend pages that seem and work great. This framework is the consequence of many hours of design besides development. One UI Kit trails the finest practices and applies the recent technologies for its use. This will facilitate you to form fast, attractive, user friendly web applications and sites that will work effortlessly through numerous devices and screens.


Spot UI Kit

Out of many, Spot UI Kit is considered to be clean, flat and possessing a sportive look Bootstrap Template. It is also plain and bold UI kit that comprises many user interface elements for widgets and web applications. It is known that it comes with freely available Flat Responsive web design template and it is created in a Fancy style. This particular Responsive web template is stated to be compatible in all smartphones, web, and tablets, designed using CSS3 and HTML5.



Using this, you can add certain “Mint” to your web pages because CSS Mint is an Open Source UI Kit created to reduce time of front end development. It attempts to simplify layout and organizing of web application in easy way. It is known that Css-Mint was built on top of Normalize.css; it manages cross browser discrepancies and targets at starting you with your web project.

Described above are the recommended HTML5 Bootstrap UI Kits for speeding up the process of website development. For using them, make sure to verify browser compatibility prior applying them in popular websites because such user interface elements are not 100% verified.

If you find something similar of more interesting, feel free to share with us by commenting this post. We will review and add your resource if we find it useful.

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