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10+ Best Free Font Awesome Alternatives in 2024

Icon fonts, such as Lineicons and Lucide, are popular font excellent alternatives consisting of symbols and glyphs rather than letters or numbers. They’re popular for web designers because they can be styled with CSS the same way as regular text. Also, they’re vectors, so they are easily scalable. So, we herewith handpicked 10+ Best Free Font Awesome Alternatives for 2024.

They’re tiny, so they load fast, and most importantly, they support all browsers. Moreover, they are resizable without jeopardizing quality and customizable. We can easily adjust the color and size and also animate font icons with CSS3.

Additionally, they are resolution-independent, which makes them look crisp on any screen density.

FontAwesome is by far one of the most popular font sources, with a huge collection of icons. But it is highly unnecessary to download the whole collection when you need to use just a few.

Best Free Font Awesome Alternatives

If you are getting bored with using the same set of icons for all designs, I want to make your designs look different yet innovative.

The following are some of the best free Font Awesome alternative sources of well-crafted font icons that I hope you will find useful in building your next great websites and apps.


LineIcons - Best Font Awesome Alternatives  2024

LineIcons is the best choice for font icons that are Ultra Crisp Line Icons with Probity. They offer 8400+ icons in 2 different variations: regular and light.

Also, they cover almost every option for your complete web or app design and development projects. Amazon CloudFront delivers the free version of LineIcons.  And they are quick to start using by adding two lines of code to your website.

Moreover, they are unique and can be used for several purposes, and all of these are absolutely free.

Feather Icons

Feathericons - Best Font Awesome Alternatives

Feather Icons is a simple, beautiful open-source for icons. This icon pack has awesome font icons for your web or app design or development. Also, Developers love this Icon set for its amazing design.

Moreover, Feather icons are super customizable according to size, color, and stroke width with a snap. Additionally, there are nearly 300 free open-source font icons in no time at all.

It is also pretty straightforward to begin with these font icons, and developers and designers find it easy to do so.

Material Design Icons

Material Design Icon

Material design icons are an extensive version of Google’s official icon set. They boast a thriving collection of icons for developers and designers, using which they can target several platforms for download.

Moreover, these icons can be customized into any color, size, and format for a particular design. Additionally,  Material Design Icons produce it effortlessly for designers to create and pick from a wide range of font icons. Also, they come with more than 7447 font icons in this pack. 

Bootstrap Icons

Bootstrap Icons - Free  Font Awesome Alternatives

Now, Bootstrap has a huge icon library for web or app design or development. These icons have a fully customizable design that is only for components and documentation.

Moreover, Bootstrap Icons are specially designed to operate with Bootstrap components, from controls to navigation. However, they can work with any project because Bootstrap Icons are SVGs.  So, they scale fast and easily and can be styled with CSS.


Iconmonstr - Font Awesome Alternatives

Iconmonstr has a massive collection of icons for every type of collection. They come with 4784+ free icons in 316 collections for web design and development. Also, iconmonstr has 2 types of icon sets available – Icons and Iconic Font.

Moreover, These Icons have a filled or Bold line and a heavy-weight geometric style. Additionally, they offer a thin line with a lightweight fill and bold line version.

The Noun Project

The Noun Project

The Noun Project is a great set of font icons for your next web or app design. This pack includes icons for nearly every section or design.

Also, they come with more than 5 million icons for designers’ and developers’ web and app design. Moreover, the noun project icons have been created by a global and culturally diverse community.

Additionally, all these icons are royalty-free and easy to customize for your favorite icon’s ideal fit. Therefore, you can even arrange one according to your requirements and preferences.


Ionicons - Open Source Icons

Ionicons has a premium-designed icon for use in web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps. It also supports SVG and web fonts.

Moreover, this pack is completely open-source and has an amazing collection of almost every icon for your next web or app design or development. It also has an MIT license and was built by the Ionic Framework team.


Flaticon - Free Vector Icons

FlatIcon is one of the best font awesome alternatives. Here, you can access a huge over 13.9 million vector icons for your next project launch.

It’s also the biggest database for obtaining free font icons. Moreover, it is free in SVG, PNG, PSD, EPS, and BASE 64 formats.

Additionally, the best flat icon packs of the month cover Costume Party, Rage Room, Black Friday, Responsive Design, Knowledge, and World Cancer Awareness Day. These icons are also easy to customize.


Iconfinder - Free Fonts

Icon Finder is a great pack of font icons for your upcoming web or app design. This pack has more than 8,150,000+ SVG icons for Facebook, computers, and much more.

Also, the platform comes with three plans – Micro, Starter, and Unlimited. Every plan has a different cost and advantages.

Moreover, they have a beautiful collection of massive icons and they are easy to customize according to your choice.


nucleoapp - Free  Font Awesome Alternatives

NucleoApp is an absolutely beautiful library of icons for your web and app design. This pack consists of 5426 free icons for every type of project.

It also has a powerful application designed to collect, customize, and export all your icons hassle-free. Moreover, this app is perfect for all kinds of designers and developers.


These 10 best free font awesome alternatives are perfect for your next option. You can choose one of them for your excellent project.

They all have individual features and characteristics. So have it and enjoy your next app web design or development project.

Discover more icons to enhance your projects with our curated list of the Best Free Icon Sites for Designers and Developers.

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