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15+ Best Free Bootstrap UI Kits of 2024

Bootstrap is known as one of the most popular design frameworks. It was developed by Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto in 2011. Known for its organized grid system and extensive elements, Bootstrap simplifies prototyping and web design. Moreover, these best free Bootstrap UI Kits cater to both Bootstrap 5 and Bootstrap 4, ensuring adaptability, enhancing the user experience, and facilitating smooth navigation for designers and developers in the modern era.

Benefits of UI Kits

A UI kit comes with an outstanding choice of graphic files and many UI elements that assist users in user interface design. The ready-made components available with UI Kits include sliders, progress bars, checkboxes, switches, navigation buttons, and more.

Most UI kits usually highlight an extensive design system and other components. That will enable the easy customization of the look of different UI elements. There are lots of various types of UI kits available out there.

But here we are talking about the Bootstrap UI Kit, which is known for its flexibility and responsiveness. It helps designers save time and increase profitability and productivity.

Also, It’s more comfortable to build responsive designs and embrace a mobile-first method with a Bootstrap UI Kit. The responsive design indicates that it is adaptable and can adjust to any screen size, and mobile-first means that you start designing for the smaller resolutions first.

Best Free Bootstrap UI Kits

We have gathered some of the best UI kits for you. All of these are really helpful for your designs and will give you an amazing output.

Here are the 15+ Best Free Bootstrap 5 and 4 UI kits and component libraries for 2024, which will help designers develop their design skills and easily complete projects.

Ayro UI Kit

AyroUI - Free Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

Ayro UI is a free Bootstrap UI Kit specially crafted for startups, agencies, and SaaS businesses. This kit is based on the latest version of Bootstrap 5 and HTML5 and comes with 300+ UI elements, 150 sections, essential plugins, libraries, and more.

Moreover, Ayro has a clean, refreshing, and pixel-perfect design for a business-related user interface. This design also has rich typography and flawless UX to give you the best experience.

Ayro UI Kit is fully responsive to any kind of device and browser. This UI Kit is highly focused on startup and SaaS businesses to launch your web project soon.

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Material Design For Bootstrap

Material Design For Bootstrap - Free UI Kits

Material Design for Bootstrap is the world’s most popular Material Design front-end component library. It is designed and compatible with Bootstrap v5 & v4. It is a completely free and open-source Bootstrap UI Kit.

This toolkit is a responsive, mobile-first web project. It is also based on Bootstrap for developing Material Design apps with HTML, CSS, and JS.

Moreover, Material Design for Bootstrap has a responsive grid system, extensive pre-built components, and powerful plugins built on jQuery.

Key Features:

  • Hundreds of quality components & templates
  • All consistent, well-documented, reliable
  • Easy theming and customization

eCommerce HTML UI Kit

eCommerce HTML UI Kit

eCommerce HTML UI Kit is a free Bootstrap UI Kit specially designed for eCommerce business web interfaces or websites. It is based on the latest versions of Bootstrap 5 and HTML5+.

Also, The kit comes with 300+ components, 120+ sections, all essential plugins, and libraries for hassle-free work. Moreover, the eCommerce HTML UI Kit has a responsive and high-quality design for a business-related user interface.

This UI Kit also has 25+ eCommerce and business-focused example sections and 9+ pre-built templates. The eCommerce UI Kit is fully responsive to any device and browser and easy to customize. 

Key Features:

  • High-quality design
  • Fully responsive
  • Essential plugins
  • Example templates
  • 120+ sections
  • Fully customizable

Pixel UI Kit

Pixel UI - Free Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

Pixel UI Kit is a free Bootstrap 5 UI kit that offers a plethora of UI elements and example templates for crafting beautiful and modern websites without relying on jQuery.

With over 80 UI elements, 5 example page templates, and 50+ website sections, it’s an ideal choice for easy and creative website prototyping.

Dash UI

Dash UI - Free Bootstrap 5 Admin Dasboard Kit

Dash UI is a free and open-source Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard UI template packed with a wide range of UI Kits, elements, components, and applications.

With its mobile-first design, responsive layout, and support for both light and dark modes, Dash UI offers flexibility and versatility for your web projects.

Additionally, It comes with over 50 components, utilizes HTML5 and SCSS, and includes authentication pages, a collapsible sidebar, font icons, and Google Fonts integration. It is perfect for easily creating modern and responsive admin interfaces.

Neumorphism UI – Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Neumorphism UI - Free Bootstrap UI Kit

Neumorphism UI is a Neumorphism-inspired Free Bootstrap UI Kit crafted to help you design stunning, creative, and modern websites.

With over 200 beautifully crafted elements, including navigation bars, pricing cards, and footers, along with 10+ sections and 5 example pages, you can easily create diverse and visually appealing layouts.

Furthermore, with these free UI kits, you can start developing neomorphic-inspired designs for your web apps and pages while adhering to the original neomorphic design specs.

Tabler UI Kit

Tabler UI kit

The Tabler UI kit empowers you to craft stunning web applications effortlessly. This free and open-source kit, based on Bootstrap 5, boasts hundreds of responsive components and diverse layouts.

Enjoy top-notch features such as full responsiveness, Sass-based design, and detailed documentation, all within the flexible framework.

With over 100 UI components and the option for dark mode, Tabler ensures a premium user experience.

Additionally, it provides six pre-built layout pages, accelerating the development of modern web applications.

Lindy UI Kit

Lindy - Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

Lindy is a free UI Kit built for startup-related user interfaces that is based on the latest version of Bootstrap 5. This UI kit is also crafted for SaaS business user interface and landing pages. Whether it’s a landing page or website for the next project, you can choose Lindy for that.

Key Features of Lindy UI Kit:

  1. Based on Bootstrap 5: Lindy is built on Bootstrap 5, ensuring a modern and intuitive UI kit experience.
  2. 200+ UI Elements: It provides over 200 UI elements distributed across 15+ different pages, offering versatility for various projects.
  3. For Startup: Lindy is an ideal choice for budding ventures, as it is tailored for startup websites, landing pages, and SaaS business interfaces.
  4. Clean, Simple, and Flat UI: It provides a clean, simple, and flat UI design that delivers visually appealing components for enhanced user experience.
  5. 5 Example Templates: Lindy offers 5 example templates for easy integration into your project.
  6. Tons of Sections: With over 100 sections, Lindy streamlines project development by providing vast options for customization.
  7. Easy To Customize: Lindy’s block-based coding structure and separated SCSS/SASS files make customization easy.
  8. Design Source File: This provides a Figma source file, enabling developers to adhere to the design system effortlessly and streamline the development process.
  9. Free and Premium Versions: Lindy offers both free and premium versions, catering to different project requirements and budgets with flexibility.

Figma Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

Figma Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

The Figma Free Bootstrap 5 UI kit extends a comprehensive collection of Bootstrap base components and serves as an initial resource for the community.

With its offerings, it provides essential UI elements to streamline design processes and enhance productivity.

Material Kit 

Material Kit 2

Material kit is a free UI kit based on the latest version of Bootstrap 5. They come with a fresh, new design inspired by Google’s material design.

They also deliver large-scale typography, edge-to-edge imagery, and a deliberate color choice. Moreover, they have three fully-coded example pages to help with your next project. 

WrapKit Lite

Wrapkit Lite - Free Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

WrapKit Light is a free UI Kit based on the latest version of Bootstrap 5, which is a responsive CSS framework. This Kit is specially crafted for stunning websites, landing pages, coming soon pages, homepages, and more.

Also, WrapKit Light comes with  25+ Niche Homepages, 180+ Premade Sections, 500+ UI Elements, 2000+ Premium Font Icons, and more. Its ready-to-use sections allow you to drag and drop and create best-in-class user interfaces in no time.


Anchor UI Kit - Free Bootstrap 4 UI kit

Anchor is a free Bootstrap UI Kit based on the Bootstrap 4. This kit comes with a set of UI components for preparing your next project. It also has an eye-catching design with admin panel support.

Moreover, it is fully responsive, easy to customize, and has clean code.

Helium UI Kit

Helium UI Kit

Helium UI Kit is a free Bootstrap UI Kit specially crafted for business web interfaces or websites. This UI kit is based on the latest version of Bootstrap, version 4.0, and HTML5. It also comes with 100+ handcrafted components and UI elements.

Moreover, Helium has a clean, responsive, and delicate design for a business-related user interface. This design also has rich typography for a simple, cool user experiment.

Helium UI Kit is fully responsive to any device and browser. It is highly focused on business, and free Bootstrap templates are included to launch your web project soon.


Material - Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Material is a free, versatile UI Kit built with Bootstrap 4. This kit is specially designed for Business, Agency, Corporate, Startup, and Portfolio Websites. It also comes with 100+ UI components, 25+ ready-to-use pages, 100+ elements, 2 unique home page variations, and many more.

Moreover, Material has a refreshing design with rich typography, documentation, etc. This UI Kit is fully responsive to any kind of device and browser and easy to customize.

Also, Material comes with SASS Files and Limitless Options to Personalize The Template to Meet Requirements. Additionally, this super flexible UI Kit is developer-friendly.

Now UI Kit

Now UI Kit - Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Now UI Kit is a responsive free Bootstrap 4 UI kit offered by Creative Tim. It features over 50 elements and 03 templates, making it a beautiful cross-platform UI solution.

The structured files and clear tutorials simplify easy integration and customization.

Additionally, the Pro version offers extended features, including 1000 components, seven plugins, and 11 example pages, along with comprehensive documentation and additional file formats.

Flat UI

Flat UI - Bootstrap 3 UI Kit

Flat UI is a free kit based on the Bootstrap 3 framework. Its comfortable, responsive, and functional framework simplifies website development.

They also provide retina-ready images and icons, custom form components, easily configurable color schemes, and more.

Flat UI comes with a flat-style design, color swatches with 10 different tones, original layers for icons included, and many more. Additionally, Flat UI has buttons, inputs, selects, checkboxes, radio buttons, tags, menus, progress bars, etc.


Shards - UI toolkit

Shards is a free UI Kit based on the popular Bootstrap 4 framework. This modern toolkit is super lightweight with a small footprint. With Bootstrap 4 at its core, Shards is responsive by default, being able to adapt and reflow its layout to any screen size.

Shards also has a document for creating beautiful interfaces. It comes with a modern design system in which each component is designed from scratch.

Moreover, this UI Kit pack with 10 extra custom components and 2 custom pre-built landing pages. 


Bootstrap UI Kit is very popular and beneficial for creating wonderful, responsive web pages. Developers and designers love these UI kits. I hope you can find or get inspired by them and use them in your next project.

Described above are the recommended Top 15+ free Bootstrap UI Kits for speeding up the process of website development. For using them, make sure to verify browser compatibility prior to applying them to popular websites because such user interface elements are not 100% verified.

If you find something similar or more interesting, feel free to share it with us by commenting on this post. We will review and add your resource if we find it useful.