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20 Best Prototyping and Design Tools for Product Design

March 18, 2021 |

Prototyping Tool Prototyping is a process that enables faster creativity and effective experimentation for the product team. Basically, it help designers to manifest their designs or ideas to cooperate better with the clients. With prototyping tools, designers can make product creation quicker and much more powerful. Also, designers can show the clients an obvious summary of what is going to be made.  Benefits of using Prototyping Tool Prototyping significantly speeds up the design process. It allows displaying the designs in a real-world environment and recognizes the potential problems and prevents them quickly. Moreover, it maintains spot errors that would require higher interest during later stages. Prototypes help to establish your design goals and plans, clarify them, and enable them to grow. For exhibiting the practicality of a design concept you need prototyping that is particularly beneficial. Earlier practicality installed, new prototyping can be remarkably beneficial. So, enhance your design’s production…    read more 

12+ Free Tailwind CSS Templates And Tools

January 11, 2021 |

Every day many websites are building or developing for the growing interest of people online. So, the developers or designers need to create lots of websites or customize the site.  According to the trend or viewer’s choice, these website developers need ready-made frameworks and templates for website development. Most of the framework comes with ready-made templates that can be used by just a copy-paste option. But for showing creativity, you can’t use these ready-made templates. But Tailwind is a different kind of framework that allows the developers to grow their creativity. Basically, Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework that provides a set of CSS helper classes. Like other CSS frameworks, Tailwind doesn’t come with predefined components.  Tailwind CSS works on a lower level and gives you a set of CSS helper classes. These classes help you to create layouts and custom designs easily. Also, with these various utility classes, you…    read more 

15+ Top Sources to Download Free Stock Photos

November 23, 2020 |

Wanna decorate your blog with photos? But don’t have any photographic skills or fees to pay for photos?  Then free stock photography is there for you.  Stock photography is the collection of photographs which are often licensed for particular applications. One of the most important parts of a design is photography. For decorating our blogs or designs we can use those photographs from stock photos. Without any photographic talent, here you can find great images to use or decorate. While several sites required fees for the license to use their items,  there are enormous sites that allow free access to free stock photos. These stock images aren’t out of focus and also royalty-free. For bloggers and web owners, free stock images have been a blessing for collecting their featured blog images. Also, they can use those images on articles, guides, social media, and blog posts. Besides, Free stock images are…    read more 

10+ Best Free Bootstrap UI Kits of 2021

November 16, 2020 |

Bootstrap is one of the most trending and popular design frameworks. Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto built Bootstrap in 2011. It’s another name is Twitter Bootstrap’ which helps designers and developers getting together at Twitter. Also, Bootstrap has a well-organized grid system with hundreds of elements. Moreover, It makes prototyping and web designing much more comfortable. A UI kit comes with a nice selection of graphic files with lots of UI elements that assists users when it comes to user interface design. The ready components available with UI Kits include sliders, progress bars, checkboxes, switches, navigation buttons, and more. Most UI kits normally highlight an extensive design system and other components. That will enable the easy customization of the look of different UI elements. There are lots of various types of UI kits available out there. But here we are talking about Bootstrap UI Kit which is known for its…    read more 

10+ Sources to Download Free SVG Illustrations

November 12, 2020 |

There is no doubt about the importance of Scalable Vector Graphics illustration today. Since SVG illustration avoids the obstacle of screen resolution, it is best for the web. Whatever the new smartphone’s pixels are, SVG images look as fresh as they can cause they are drawn with code, not pixels. Sometimes files size create issues or problem because of extra load, especially when you need high-definition. But SVG illustration format builds with XML which helps to remove all the useless stuff and gives almost a light-weight file. The elements of SVG is super responsive that it can be animated and styled with CSS. So,  you can change colors, sizes, and many more according to user interaction. SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics is a vector image format that uses for downloading free illustrations. In 1998, This format was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium. SVG helps you to re-adjust or…    read more 

10 Free and Fully Working HTML Contact Forms

November 5, 2020 |

Nowadays, more and more people are involved in online business. One in all the most important ways to promote products or brands is a website. While promoting or selling those products, you have to make sure to have contact with the visitor. Providing your visitors with the ability to interact with you easily through a contact page is vital to good customer service. Web designers must pay concentration to contact page design. The contact page is the best way for a visitor to reach out to you.  Contact forms are one of the web elements that exist within the web design and development right from the pioneer days. The advantages of using a contact form are uncountable. By dropping a vital part of spam-related emails to our inbox rather than presenting plain email addresses. Also, there’s a use of dynamic form which will ensure using developed captcha plugins and tools….    read more 

15+ Free Startup Landing Page and Web Templates

October 31, 2020 |

A landing page is a page designed to turn visitors into leads. It is separate from other pages on your website in that it supports both of these policies. They provide the considered customer a resource like an ebook or webinar signup. In exchange, they need his or her basic contact information. Moreover, these pages aim to provide leads while you pull prospects further into the customer funnel. This one is surely one of all the foremost significant pages on any website. Also, It gives the initial impression, sets the tone & possibly drives the user to action. Moreover, these pages encourage visitors to remain and explore and go a long way. The latest trend is now startup companies cause almost everyone tries to open their own startup. For your startup company at first, you need to create a landing page for your website. This landing page is your startup’s…    read more 

10+ Best Alternatives to FontAwesome Icons

October 26, 2020 |

Icon fonts are fonts that consist of symbols and glyphs rather than letters or numbers. They’re popular for web designers since it can style with CSS the same way as regular text. Also, they’re vector’s so they are easily scale-able. They’re tiny, so they load fast and most importantly they support in all browsers. Moreover, It is resizable without jeopardizing quality and customizable. We can easily adjust the color, the size, and also animate font icons with CSS3. Additionally, it is resolution-independent which makes it look crisp on any screen density. FontAwesome is by far one of the most popular font sources, with a huge collection of icons. But it is highly unnecessary to download the whole collection when you need to use just a few. If you are getting bored by using the same set of icons for all designs. And, Want to make your designs look different yet…    read more