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21+ Free HTML App Landing Page Templates

Crafting an impactful App landing page is essential for a successful app launch. Think of it as the face of your application – the first impression users get before exploring the features. Free HTML App Landing Page Templates play a pivotal role in achieving this.

Originally designed for mobile app developers, an app landing page serves as a dedicated space to showcase the functions of the application. It is an accessible page that users reach through a hyperlink, typically referring to the home page of the mobile app. The landing page provides a clear and straightforward interface, introducing customers to the essence of the app.

Right Balance for User Engagement

Effective app landing page templates strike the right balance of information to engage and attract users. It should offer enough details for users to comprehend the essential dynamics of the mobile app without overwhelming them with excessive information. The key elements, such as the app name, a clear call to action, app features, app promo video placeholder, and app screenshots, are crucial for drawing in users and encouraging downloads.

Having and designing a solid landing page are essential parts of the business. An ideal app landing page has all of the information a new potential customer needs for the company. Depending on your business, you can find lots of the latest app landing pages. Do you want to expand your reach with a compelling app landing page and achieve goals in half the time? Are you confused about which one to choose?

Curated Collection
To simplify your decision-making process, we present some of the best free app landing page templates. These templates are curated to help you create a compelling landing page for your upcoming app launch, expanding your reach and achieving your goals efficiently.

Free App Landing Page Templates

Explore a handpicked collection of 21+ free HTML app landing page templates that cater to diverse app categories. Download these templates and effortlessly create a captivating landing page to promote your app effectively.


Spark - Free App Landing Page Templates

Spark is a beautifully crafted Bootstrap 5 App Landing Page Template that is your gateway to creating stunning software, apps, and SaaS websites. Embark on a journey of seamless conversions with this exceptional template.

This versatile template, available in both free and premium versions, ensures your website or web app stands out in the digital landscape.

Spark is crafted with Bootstrap 5 and HMTL5 to offer a clean and captivating design. It includes dozens of essential pages and sections needed for impactful app landing pages.

Whether you’re launching a new app or showcasing software innovations, Spark is the ideal choice. Elevate your online presence and engage your audience with elegance.


AppVilla - Free App Landing Page Templates

AppVilla is a striking App Landing Page Template for Software, Mobile Apps, and SaaS websites that seamlessly blends creativity with functionality. 

Developed with the cutting-edge Bootstrap 5 framework, this template offers a vibrant design across 7+ essential pages, including contact, blog, and pricing plans. 

Its simplicity, color scheme, and high-quality design captivate viewers effortlessly. With full responsiveness and easy customization, AppVilla adapts to various screens and devices, providing a mobile-friendly experience.

Choose AppVilla for a creative app landing page that combines excellent design with all the necessary elements


AppGrids  - Bootstrap 5 App Landing Page Template

AppGrids is a free Bootstrap 5 App landing page template meticulously designed for app and software promotions. Packed with essential sections, captivating animations, and user-friendly features, It is the ideal choice for your next app website.

Specifically crafted for app, software, and product landings, this template unleashes the developer’s creativity with a range of features. Built on Bootstrap 5 and HTML5, AppGrids ensures versatility and ease of customization.

Showcase your app effortlessly and engage your audience with this fully responsive and dynamic App landing page template.


Advanced - Free HTML App Landing Page Template

Advanced is a free app landing page template built on Bootstrap and HTML5. It features a modern, creative, and refreshing design with all the essential elements for a landing page.

Showcasing diverse ways to present a mobile app, Advanced is fast, well-optimized, and available in both Free and Premium versions, tailored for App Landing. Explore the possibilities with this template for a dynamic and engaging app showcase.


Play Bootstrap - App Landing Page

Discover Play is an open-source HTML app landing page template built on Bootstrap 5 by UIdeck. Whether you’re launching a startup, promoting apps, or showcasing SaaS solutions, Play provides a versatile and visually appealing solution.

With essential sections, separate pages for blogs and login, and a modern design using TailGrids UI components, Play empowers users to effortlessly create impactful websites. Elevate your online presence with this free template, designed for flexibility and seamless user experiences.


Appi - Free App Landing Page Template

Appi is built with Bootstrap 5 and a vanilla JavaScript landing page for apps and software. This app landing page comes with a Fully Responsive, high-quality Design, Smooth Animation, and all Essential Sections and elements for the website.

It offers easy customization, so you can create a custom landing page without any hassle. For a stunning app landing page, Appi is a perfect choice.



AppLand - App Landing Page Template

AppLand is a dedicated Bootstrap 4 and HTML5 app landing page meticulously crafted for apps, software, and SaaS. With a clean and refreshing design, this landing page contains all the essential features tailored for a seamless app launch.

Its fully responsive layout ensures compatibility across various devices, providing the perfect platform for showcasing your app with style and functionality.


SaaSGrids - Free App Landing Page

SaaSGrids is a versatile Bootstrap 5 App landing page template meticulously designed for your upcoming App Launch. Its flexibility extends to App, WebApp, and Software landing page projects, making it the ultimate solution for your creative endeavors. 

With a clean, high-quality, and trendy design, SaaSGrids offers a user-friendly experience and high customizability. Featuring 7 different pages, including blog sections, contact forms, and pricing plans, SaaSGrids provides a comprehensive solution for your SaaS website. 

Elevate your SaaS website with SaaSGrids, offering an incredible design, essential sections, and everything you need to make a lasting impression.


Delivery - Food delivery App Landing Page

Delivery is a free Bootstrap App landing page template designed for food, grocery, and home delivery websites. Built on Bootstrap 5 and HTML5, this template provides a comprehensive solution for your next website launch.

With essential sections, captivating animations, and user-friendly customization, Delivery is perfect for creating an engaging app landing page. Specifically designed for food, grocery, and home delivery services, it offers a clean, unique, and refreshing design.

This template features an extraordinary hero area, software screenshots, process details, features, team information, and counters, ensuring a seamless experience on any device or browser. Make your home delivery app stand out with Delivery – Easy to Customize and Fully Responsive.


Basic- SaaS Landing Page

Basic, built on Bootstrap and HTML5, is a meticulously crafted app landing page template tailored for app, software, and SaaS products. Packed with essential features, diverse sections, and captivating animations, Basic provides everything you need to perfect your app landing page.

Its fully responsive design, block-based coding structure, and SASS files ensure easy customization and a seamless user experience.



Smart - Free Landing Page template

Smart, built on Bootstrap 4 and HTML5 and enhanced with the Ayro UI, is an all-encompassing template ideal for business or SaaS websites.

The landing page features CSS3 animations and a multi-purpose design and contains all the essential elements for a flawless app website. With three homepage variations designed for diverse purposes, Smart ensures a sleek and modern app landing page experience.

If you are looking for single-page templates, check out our dedicated post for one-page site templates


Sprout - Sleek and Minimalistic

Sprout stands out as a sleek and minimalistic mobile app or software landing page, meticulously crafted with essential elements for a compelling app launch.

With a fully responsive layout, user-friendly documentation, seamless customization, a functional Ajax contact form, and a build on Bootstrap 4 and HTML5, Sprout emerges as an excellent choice for your upcoming project.

Its modern design and features make it ideal for creating a stunning app landing page that resonates with modern trends.



Slick - Multipurpose Bootstrap 4 Template

Slick is a versatile HTML app landing page template built on Bootstrap 4 and HTML5. It seamlessly blends free and premium features to offer a modern, multi-purpose design.

With customized jQuery Plugins, CSS libraries, and an extensive collection of 450+ Line Icons, Slick ensures a comprehensive set of tools for your website. Designed for Business, App, Sass, and related sites, this template offers two distinct homepage variations.

Its high-quality design and stunning UI/UX deliver a pleasant user experience, making Slick an optimal choice for a wide range of applications.



Fusion - App Landing Page Template

Fusion is a cutting-edge HTML App landing page template designed for modern apps, businesses, and products. It is crafted on Bootstrap 4 and HTML5. With its fresh and modern design, Fusion includes all the essential elements required for an effective app landing page.

The template ensures a responsive layout designed for showcasing products, businesses, or apps, providing easy customization options and an enhanced user experience. Elevate your online presence with Fusion’s sleek design and adjustable features.



Essence - Bootstrap One-Page Landing Template

Essence is a one-page App landing page template meticulously crafted on Bootstrap 4 for landing pages, apps, and business websites.

With 4 distinct homepage variations, this high-quality template offers essential add-ons, including essential scripts, 300+ icons, and libraries.

Essence has an optimized code, detailed documentation, and a block structure, ensuring a seamless customization experience for your website with minimal effort. Elevate your online presence with Essence’s versatile design and feature-rich capabilities.



Proton - Free SaaS One Page Template

Proton is a meticulously crafted App landing page template based on Bootstrap 4 and HTML5. It is tailored for web apps, startups, agencies, SaaS, and app landing pages.

With four diverse homepage variations, CSS3 Animations, and comprehensive documentation, Proton is your ideal solution for a perfect project. This template features a well-designed website with all essential elements and a block-based coding structure that facilitates seamless customization.

Elevate your online presence with Proton’s dynamic design and feature-rich capabilities.



Vanilla - Free Bootstrap HTML5 Landing Page Template

Vanilla is a free App landing page template built with Bootstrap 4 and HTML5. It is a versatile template designed for SaaS, business, and app websites.

With an expansive collection of 300+ icons, rich typography, and a refreshing design, Vanilla is ideal for various website applications. This responsive template utilizes block-based code structures, providing seamless customization for your unique needs.

Elevate your online presence with Vanilla’s modern aesthetics and user-friendly features. It is a perfect choice for creating impactful and engaging web experiences.



Beam - Free App Landing Page Templates

Beam is a stunning app landing page designed to showcase apps and software. Crafted with HTML5 and Bootstrap, the Beam App Landing Page HTML template offers a stunning and extraordinary presentation for your app.

This Open-source landing page template provides a visually appealing and well-structured platform to highlight the unique features and functionalities of your application, ensuring a remarkable online presence.

Elevate your app’s visibility with Beam’s contemporary design and user-friendly layout. This makes it an excellent choice for creating impactful and engaging landing pages.



Appbox - Free Bootstrap App Landing Page

AppBox is a highly customizable, clean template with a well-organized structure, making it the perfect choice for your app or product landing page.

It is a fully responsive app landing page template incorporating FontAwesome 4.x, awesome animations, and a clean, minimal design. It is based on Bootstrap 3.2.x, offering a multi-page layout and well-documented codes.

AppBox provides a comprehensive solution for creating an attractive and functional landing page for your app or product, ensuring a seamless user experience.



Applayer - Health App

AppLayers, a free one-page template from pFind, is designed to perfection for application sites. Utilizing the popular Bootstrap framework, this layout encompasses everything essential for an ideal app site.

Moreover, the responsive design ensures compatibility with all devices and screens, providing a seamless experience for users across various platforms. AppLayers is a reliable choice for creating an engaging and functional one-page website to showcase your applications.



Emmo - Bootstrap Template

Emmo Bootstrap Apps Landing Page is an exceptionally sleek Bootstrap template suitable for promoting any app designed for Mac, Android, or web platforms.

This template is versatile and free for you to use. It’s crafted with HTML 5 and CSS 3, built on Bootstrap 3.3.5, and includes a range of features such as a price table, contact form, carousel, email subscription form, and call-to-action buttons.

Emmo is well-documented, making it easy for you to navigate and customize according to your needs.


In conclusion, these 21+ Free HTML App Landing Page Templates for 2024 offer a diverse collection of options for anyone looking to showcase their applications effectively.

With modern designs, responsive layouts, and a range of features, these templates provide a solid foundation for presenting your apps in a compelling and user-friendly manner.

Whether you’re launching a new app or giving an existing one a fresh look, these templates offer the flexibility and creativity needed to make a lasting impression.

Take advantage of these free resources to enhance your online presence and captivate your audience with a seamless and visually appealing App landing page.

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