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40+ Best Free One Page Website Templates for 2024

One Page Templates have been in use for a long time, and their utilization is constantly increasing in tech companies and other fields. Today, we will share Free One page templates, but we will share some insights about one-page sites, too. The best part of One-page templates or Single-page website templates is that the users can easily and readily access all the information and data on a single page. The only thing that the users must do is scroll up and down to know the product better.

These templates are also highly beneficial as they lend an immersive and engaging storytelling experience to all the users. People often wonder what exactly a one-page website template is.

What is One Page Page Templates?

In simple terms, it is a single-page website with no additional pages, such as the About Us, Team, Services, and Home page. All the content on a One-Pager sits comfortably within a single webpage. It traditionally has a long-scrolling layout.

Benefits of One-Page Website Templates

The beauty of a One-Pager (Single Page) lies in its attempt to promote just one thing in a direct and uncluttered manner. This enables a visitor to make quick and hassle-free decisions, as opposed to sending them bloated websites that are full of options. Another fantastic quality of One Page Templates is that when they encourage a Call to Action (CTA), they also serve as a landing page.

Therefore, many objectives can be accomplished, such as downloading, joining a newsletter, doing a SaaS sign-up, or even performing an e-commerce transaction. All these successful actions on a One-Pager are called Conversions.

Most websites today are built by users or developers using a multi-page structure. This is because such a structure offers more excellent space and scope for information regarding your company or organization. That said, a One Page Website Template can be a very effective framework for highlighting a specific work or product.

Certainly! Here are the benefits of One Page Website Templates presented in the graphic:

Benefits of One-Page Templates

Utilizing a one-page website template brings numerous advantages, simplifying the user journey and providing a focused and engaging online experience.

Seamless Information Delivery

When you use a single-page template, it becomes easy for you to inform and update your target clients and followers straightforwardly. They will not be required to visit any other page of your website as they can find all the information they need on one page. In addition,one-page websites are quickly becoming a trend in the field of web design today.

Although some website designers still believe in the regular multi-page structure of websites, this trend is quickly being embraced by web developers and designers. This is because they understand the value of providing the users with a straightforward and visually appealing user experience.

Many businesses today, especially creative industries, prefer one-page websites because they present all the content in a fluid, logical, and intriguing manner.

Today, you can easily find highly creative and professional-looking single-page website designs that cater to all kinds of businesses.

List of Best One-Page Templates

This list will help you find the ideal theme for your business to take your website to a whole new level of professionalism and grandeur. Here, you will find the 40+ Best Free One Page Templates of 2024. So, let’s get cracking!

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Stack - Free One Page Template

Discover the seamless fusion of sophistication and creativity with Stack, a free Bootstrap 4-based one page template designed exclusively for premium businesses.

Whether you are launching a new startup or kick-starting your corporate website, Stack provides the ideal platform to launch your online presence with creativity and professionalism.

Meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technology, this template caters to agencies, businesses, corporations, and startups, ensuring a modern and innovative digital platform that truly reflects the zenith of professionalism.

Boost your brand with Stack and embark on a journey of unparalleled online success.

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Fusion - App Landing Page Template

Designed specifically for product landing pages, Fusion provides everything you need to showcase your products and enhance your business.

Brings high-quality features and leveraging Bootstrap 4, Fusion simplifies the process of creating an engaging landing page. With its exceptional UI elements and trendy design, you can effortlessly create a visually appealing landing page without investing excessive time in the design process.

Fusion ensures smooth performance on all screen sizes, contributing to an enhanced online presence of your product landing page.

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Mate - Free One-page Template

Mate is another template based on Bootstrap 4, and it is a Parallax Website Template that is free of cost. It has been specifically crafted for businesses, agencies, startups, service websites, etc.

This website template has been created with all the futuristic and modern technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5. Mate is loaded with a plethora of unique features, and the platform in itself is pretty user-friendly. The level of engagement on Mate is also enhanced, thanks to the interactive parallax scrolling feature.

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Proton - Free SaaS One Page Template

Proton has some fantastic features and can work perfectly with agencies, startups, SaaS, or as a landing page for WebApp. The design options given by Proton are very trendy and offer four variations, too.

You can easily choose the one that suits you best. It is easy to customize and is based on HTML5 and Bootstrap 4, so it can be a great choice if you want a fresh and high-quality design.

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Essence - Bootstrap One-Page Landing Template

Essence is another excellent option if you are looking for a high-quality, super-professional, multipurpose template. This template can be easily used for landing pages, business websites, and apps. It comes loaded with all the salient features and components to create a landing page or an entire one-page website from scratch. This template has been made with the cutting-edge and latest technologies, such as HTML5, Bootstrap 4, and SaaS.

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Grand- One Page Event Template

Grand is a great free template for events and conferences. It is also based on Bootstrap 4 and HTML5. It has all the things that you need to launch an event website or a conference website within minutes. The comprehensive template can help you design a well-crafted and detailed conference or event website.

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Bol - One Page Comming Soon Template

Proton stands out with its fantastic features, catering seamlessly to agencies, startups, SaaS, or serving as a captivating landing page for WebApps. Offering trendy design options with four variations, Proton provides the flexibility to choose the style that best aligns with your preferences.

It’s easily customizable and depends on HTML5 and Bootstrap 4, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a fresh and high-quality design. Elevate your online presence with Proton and make an everlasting impression on your target audience.

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Grand- One Page App Landing Template

Vanilla is a versatile template designed to meet the needs of Business, SaaS, and app-based websites. Crafted with all the essential sections required for a comprehensive one-page website, Vanilla is built on Bootstrap 4 and contains the latest development tools and designs. 

It ensures a perfect and customized design that aligns seamlessly with your goals. Enjoy the benefits of a clean design template, allowing you the freedom to personalize it according to your unique needs and requirements. Vanilla provides the flexibility and functionality your online presence deserves.

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MeetME- One Page Portfolio Template

MeetMe is an excellent template tailored for crafting compelling CVs and Resumes. This versatile template empowers you to build a comprehensive portfolio, showcasing your skills and work experience attractively. With all the essential sections readily available, MeetMe simplifies the process of presenting your qualifications and achievements.

Whether you’re reaching out to potential customers or prospective employers, MeetMe is designed to help you make a lasting impression. The template features a clean and sophisticated design, ensuring your professional skills are present in a visually appealing manner.

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Helium - Free One Page Templates

Helium stands out as an impressive One Page Template crafted on HTML and built on the robust Bootstrap 4 framework. Packed with many amazing features, Helium provides a versatile toolkit for your website.

Explore elements such as sliders, a portfolio section, a service grid, a team showcase, detailed statistics, and much more. The template seamlessly integrates essential components like a contact form and a testimonial slider, ensuring a user-friendly and interactive experience.

Helium simplifies the process of designing an impactful One Page website, allowing you to harness the power of simplicity.

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Inspire is a premium template with a dashboard and an admin. It is based on Bootstrap 4 and comes with more than 40 pages specifically for the Dashboard and more than 300 Elements for UI.

It is a very clean and lively template with all the components and widgets you need. So, you can easily insert a calendar, chat app, contact, and email. With Inspire, it is easy for you to scale your web page and add more features. It is very comprehensive, so the Inspire template would be a good choice if you want to add various features.

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Basic - Free One Page Templates

Basic is not just a template; it’s a highly responsive solution crafted on Bootstrap 4, making it an ideal choice for businesses, personal portfolios, agencies, or as a compelling landing page. Deemed as a multipurpose Onepager, Basic offers flexibility for various applications.

The homepage comes in two variations, allowing you to choose the layout that aligns best with your objectives. Whether you’re looking to showcase your business, create a personal portfolio, or establish an agency presence, Basic has got you covered. Try the free lite version to experience the seamless functionality and versatile design of Basic for yourself!

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LeadGenerator - Single-page Template

This free landing page template is multipurpose and highly responsive. Its clean design is based on Bootstrap 3.x technology. It comes with free Google fonts and more than 500 free icons.

Furthermore, it is easy to customize and has a fully responsive design. Users can also enjoy a fully functional PHP Contact Form and a Parallax background. If you are looking for a simple yet effective template, LeadGenerator is the way to go!

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Dazzle - Single Page Landing Template

Dazzle is as dazzling as its name, and this template is beautiful, modern, and extremely well-crafted. It is created to showcase the mobile applications or software of users. It is built with an organized and clean HTML5 and CSS3 code.

In addition to that, users can easily customize this template in a hassle-free manner. This template is also mobile-ready as well as retina/hi-dpi ready. This means that you can use it on any device, and it will look amazing with a crisp and sharp screen resolution.

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Evie by Undraw

Evie is a user-friendly, MIT-licensed template designed to streamline web development projects. It offers simplicity and efficiency with a minimalistic style guide for both seasoned developers and newcomers.

With a lightweight structure, Evie ensures a seamless experience across modern browsers. Its adaptability allows easy customization, providing users with a straightforward approach to tailor the template to their individual preferences.

Experience the simplicity and versatility of Evie as it accelerates your journey in web development.

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Efficacy - One Page Website Template

Efficacy presents a clean and modern design, providing an excellent platform for showcasing your portfolio. It is built with HTML and Bootstrap to offer a seamless and responsive experience.

Choose Efficacy if you aim to share your professional achievements. The template boasts a range of excellent features and offers five unique variations for the Homepage, allowing you to tailor your presentation. With comprehensive documentation, editing the template becomes a breeze, and instant support is readily available for any troubleshooting.

Enjoy the flexibility of effortlessly inserting Google Maps or a contact form. In essence, Efficacy stands out as a superb choice for presenting and highlighting your portfolio with modern simplicity.

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Landing Zero

Landing Zero - Free Single Page Template

Landing Zero, a free Bootstrap template, offers a striking video option, making it versatile for personal blogging or business pages. The template’s innovative and elegant colour schemes and themes set it apart.

Designed with animations and dedicated space for content, Landing Zero ensures a visually engaging and informative experience. Choosing Landing Zero is a safe bet, providing you with excellent features to elevate your online presence with style.

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Pluto is a quality-checked template by GrayGrids that comes with free future updates. It’s a free one-page template inspired by material design. Pluto has complete author support and comes as a full template package. This free template can be used for personal as well as commercial projects.

It also has a unique and refreshing user interface. In addition, all Pluto’s components are based on the material design user interface of Google. It has several cutting-edge features that are top-notch and modern. Moreover, it has a refreshing and clean design with unique elements.

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Alecto HTML Template is an excellent example of simplicity meeting excellence. Designed to be straightforward, this template offers a clean and uncluttered approach, making it an ideal choice for various applications. Built on Bootstrap 4, Alecto ensures reliability and ease of customization.

With its minimalist design, Alecto focuses on delivering a straightforward user experience, making it suitable for startups, agencies, and creative ventures. Embrace simplicity without compromising excellence with the Alecto HTML Template.

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GitHub Contributions

GitHub Contribution - Free One Page Templates

GitHub Contributions is a popular name for designing HTML templates with a one-page design. This template by Tamino Martinius is designed to transform your GitHub activity into a portfolio with clean coding.

It can be a fun and exciting subdomain addition to your portfolio or personal website. This free HTML template is popular among web developers because it features cutting-edge technologies and an easy-to-customize template.

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SEO Company

The SEO Company -Template

This one-page HTML template that goes by the name of SEO Company is ideal for a digital agency or company looking for a clean online presence. It features sticky header navigation with CTA buttons that are always visible, a testimonials section, a CTA button in the footer area, and a pricing table.

This design by Diego Velázquez is a neat freebie that also comes with a PSD template, absolutely free of cost. In addition, this template is ideal for a landing page, and any company looking to make an instant impression on visitors can significantly benefit from the template.

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Corporal - One Page Template

Corporal is a unique one-page Bootstrap responsive theme template. It enables users to start their business or personal website immediately without further delays or hassles. Corporal is a clean, responsive, free business-themed one-page developed with FontAwesome 4.x and Twitter Bootstrap.

This template has many working components, such as a Portfolio Gallery, an Ajax-based HTML Contact Form, and much more. This can be an excellent choice for a Portfolio, Business, and Personal Web portal.

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Geek - One Page Template

The next in this list of free one-page templates is Geek, a one-page template for personal portfolios. Again, it is highly responsive and based on the Bootstrap 3.x technology. Although this free template one-page website is meant for a portfolio, it works perfectly for personal or creative websites.

In simple words, Geek is a Minimal Personal Portfolio Template based on Bootstrap developed using the framework of Bootstrap 3.3.1. If you wish to create a personal portfolio website, Geek is a perfect option. It is also pertinent to note that one of its key features is smooth scrolling and the OffCanvas Menu for added comfort and convenience for users.

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Ellie - One Page Templates

Ellie is not just another free one-page template; it also focuses on startups and helping them grow. It is the perfect starting point for companies just starting out. This landing page template is designed to work across various devices.

Therefore, the users are only required to set up this template once for it to be sorted forever. Once is enough to ensure beautiful results for a long time. Ellie’s web design, printing, and layout use pseudo-Latin text to emphasize the design elements.

The design of this template in its entirety is meant to impress the audience and visitors immediately and ensure a repeat visit and lead generation. It is a definite choice for startups and well-established companies alike!

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Evelyn - Free One Page Templates

This landing page template meant for startups called Evelyn is a force to be reckoned with. This landing-free one-page template has been built and designed to work across a full range of devices, and again, the users are only required to set this template once to ensure the best results, if not forever, then in the long run.

The primary motto of this template is that on a web page where a lot of text is visible, visitors usually tend to focus more on textual content instead of the overall presentation of the web page. This is why this affordable template balances the best of both worlds – text and images/graphics. Therefore, whether you are just starting or an established company, you cannot go wrong with Evelyn!
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Switch - Free One Page Templates

The Switch template is one of those Free One one-page templates built to impress and leave a fantastic first impression on visitors’ minds. This template has again been designed to work across a wide range of devices and is developed using cutting-edge and top-notch technologies.

It has a clean and elegant design with a user-friendly interface. The texts and graphics are incredibly well-balanced, making this template ideal for landing pages.

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There are plenty of free page bootstrap templates that you can find with a simple Google search. However, the 40+ free one-page templates of 2024 listed here are the best ones out there, and irrespective of your requirements or why you need to create a one-page website, one of these free one-page templates can be ideal for you.

A website is the essential point of inception for any business, and a digital presence is significant and indispensable in today’s digital world. Therefore, if you wish to reach a wider audience and make a difference with your one-page website, choose one of these templates, download or buy them, and get cracking!


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