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11+ Free Bootstrap Admin and Dashboard Templates

Are you building your website right now? Or are you thinking about managing other apps apart from a website? Probably yes, since you are here on this page. What do you need to know about Bootstrap admin panel and dashboard templates? And after all, why do you need one? The proper answers to these questions should be available if you are new. Even if you are not an amateur, you must still be here as things are changing rapidly in this modern technological era.

Dive into the efficiency world with our curated “11+ Free Bootstrap Admin and Dashboard Templates collection with fundamentals of Bootstrap dashboard templates. Admin templates are designed to meet developers’ diverse needs and offer a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Understanding the Admin Dashboard

The back end of a web application is the admin dashboard. It is the user interface of the application. With the dashboard, the user can control the entire system. It’s the control room of your dream project. So, it has to be super nice, right?

Why Bootstrap Framework for Admin Templates?

Now, if you wonder why you need a Bootstrap framework when you develop your admin template, the first reason is that it will save a lot of your valuable time, which can be spent being an expert in other aspects of your new online business in a fast-paced world.

You might ask, what are the other important things to consider regarding using a bootstrap? There are a lot of things. Let’s start with a little background history of admin dashboards.

Key Considerations in Using Bootstrap Template

In the past, the admin section of an application was built only for functionality. The admin dashboards looked ugly then. They didn’t do much except control the function. The design of the web application was not considered at all.

These days, things are changing too fast. They are getting better and better every day. Appealing designs are critical in building a business website, application, or product.

Over the last few years, designs and functionality have been blending nicely. Bootstrap frameworks are extremely popular since they allow users to create an attractive and functional admin panel quickly. The most important thing is that your Bootstrap build will look consistent across all screen regulations and platforms.

Responsive Design

Phones were used only to communicate just a few decades ago. They evolved too fast. With the development of smartphones, the whole trend has been massively changed. Now, these devices can work as multi-platform consoles. Therefore, all the applications now have to face the challenge of adapting to this new dynamic landscape. So, if your web application’s interface is not entirely responsive, you are not likely to reach your potential customers. Both the front end and back end of your web application must be sensitive and can have the capability to support all the devices that are used by most people.


So now, if you wish to initiate and maintain a triumphant web presence or build a perfect control panel for any web app, choosing Bootstrap is best. It provides you with ready-made design patterns and lots of components and widgets. You can easily customize what you want which will save you from writing all the codes from scratch. Many free and premium Bootstrap admin and dashboard templates are available online.

Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates

Here is our curated collection of 11+ Free Bootstrap Admin and Dashboard Templates, Whether you are looking for a clean admin panel, a responsive dashboard, or a theme that complements your project, these free Bootstrap templates have you covered.

Explore the possibilities and elevate your web development journey with these versatile, user-friendly templates. Also, check the handpicked collection of 60+ Free Bootstrap Templates.

Modular Admin – Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Modular Admin - Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Modular Admin is crafted with a modular approach, and this open-source dashboard template offers exceptional ease for deployment, customization, and maintenance. 

Leveraging Bootstrap 4 as its primary framework, Modular Admin ensures compatibility with various modern browsers, including the last two versions of FF, Chrome, IE 10+, Safari Mac, IE 10+, Android 4.4+, Chrome for Android 44+, and iOS Safari 7+. 

Experience seamless adaptability and user-friendly features with this versatile admin template.

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AmpleAdmin – Free Admin Template

AmpleAdmin - Free Admin Template

AmpleAdmin is a unique, eye-catching Free Bootstrap admin template of 2024. It includes features like a Basic Data Table, 10+ UI Components, Bootstrap 3x, Lessbase CSS, Basic Table Examples, a Profile Page Included, Google Maps, and a Minimal Dashboard Version. This excellent dashboard is designed for your projects.

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Master – Bootstrap Free Dashboard Template

Master - Bootstrap Free Dashboard Template

Master – Bootstrap is a flexible and user-friendly responsive free admin dashboard template. It includes Bootstrap 3.3.4, Clean & Developer-friendly HTML5 and CSS3 code, 100% Responsive Layout Design, Multipurpose Admin theme, and other attractive features. It is effortless to customize the template.

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CoreUI – Dashboard Template

CoreUI - Bootstrap Dashboard Template

Discover the power of CoreUI, a free dashboard template based on Bootstrap 4. CoreUI offers six versions: HTML5, AJAX, AngularJS, Angular 2, React.js, and Vue.js. 

As a game-changer in dashboard templates, CoreUI is constructed with pure, transparent code, bragging unique features, and a vast collection of high-quality icons

This perfectly light application ensures seamless navigation across mobile devices, laptops, and desktops, providing a consistent and user-friendly experience. Elevate your dashboard experience with CoreUI’s blend of sophistication and functionality.

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Material Dashboard – Free Admin Template

Material Dashboard - Free Admin Template

Material Dashboard is a free admin template that embraces minimalistic elegance. It is designed for ease of use, and this template offers a clean and straightforward approach to admin dashboards. 

While keeping things simple, it doesn’t compromise on functionality. Ideal for those who appreciate a streamlined and efficient design, Simple ensures a hassle-free experience without sacrificing essential features. Elevate your admin interface with the straightforward and elegant simplicity of the Simple Material Dashboard template.

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Vali – Free Bootstrap Admin Template


Vali is a lightweight, eye-catching, accessible, responsive dashboard built with Bootstrap, Pug.js (templating), and SASS. It is a highly customizable Bootstrap Admin Template. It’s also a modular dashboard template. All the necessary dashboard features are there. Its modular nature enables it to integrate into any front-end and back-end framework. 

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Harmony Admin – Free Bootstrap Dashboard

Harmony Admin - Free Bootstrap Dashboard

Harmony Admin is a free Bootstrap Dashboard that brings responsiveness and style to your admin and dashboard needs. Built on the Bootstrap framework, this responsive admin and dashboard template is an ideal starter theme for web applications. 

It harnesses the power of various jQuery plugins; Harmony Admin enhances your user interface with dynamic tables and charts, ensuring a feature-rich and visually appealing experience for your users. 

Explore the seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetics with Harmony Admin.

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Dashboards – Free Bootstrap Dashboard Template

Dashboards - Free Bootstrap Dashboard Template

Experience the power of Dashboards by Keen IO, a stunning and free Bootstrap Dashboard Template. This template offers a beautifully crafted custom analytics dashboard that you can showcase to your customers effortlessly. 

Choose from a range of template layouts, including Quarter Grid, Thirds Grid, Hero Thirds, Split Centered, Split Columns, Split Rows, Hero Sidebar, and Two-and-one, and bring your data to life with style and functionality. Elevate your analytics presentation game with Dashboards by Keen IO.

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Novus – Free Bootstrap Admin Panel


Novus, a Free Bootstrap Admin Panel, redefines excellence with its fluid responsive layout, built on the Bootstrap 3+ Framework, HTML5, CSS3, and Media Query. 

This remarkable admin dashboard template offers many components and integrates the latest jQuery plugins. Its adaptability allows effortless use and customization across various web applications. 

Compatible with leading browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10, Opera, and more, Novus ensures a responsive and visually appealing admin panel experience. Elevate your web application with the versatility and sophistication of Novus.

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Easy Admin Panel – Free HTML5 Dashboard

Easy Admin Panel - Free HTML5 Bootstrap Dashboard Templates

Discover the simplicity and efficiency of Easy Admin Panel, a free HTML5 Dashboard based on Bootstrap. This responsive admin dashboard template boasts a clean and balanced design, ensuring a seamless user experience. 

It offers Cross-browser compatibility that makes the dashboard accessible across various platforms. Easy Admin Panel provides many UI components for widgets and applications, allowing you to manage and navigate your dashboard effortlessly. 

Elevate your website dashboard with the straightforward and functional design of the Easy Admin Panel.

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Light Bootstrap – Free HTML5 Dashboard Template

CreativeTim Light Bootstrap - Free HTML5 Dashboard Template

Explore the magnificence of Light Bootstrap, a free HTML5 Dashboard Template that combines attractiveness with simplicity. This admin dashboard template presents a significant collection of components, providing various possibilities to generate applications tailored to your needs. 

Crafted with Bootstrap 3, Light Bootstrap ensures a seamless and versatile platform for your web applications. 

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Gentelella – Free Bootstrap Admin Template


Gentelella is a free Bootstrap Admin Template crafted with Bootstrap 3 and empowered by various robust jQuery plugins. This beautiful Bootstrap admin dashboard template offers more than just aesthetics. 

Explore various libraries seamlessly integrated into the theme, including upload areas, wizard-style interfaces, text forms, date ranges, off-canvas navigation menus, and more. 

Elevate your admin experience with the elegance and functionality that Gentelella brings to the table, combining style and power effortlessly.

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Dash – Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

Dash - Admin Panel

Dash, a responsive Bootstrap Admin Template, is built on the popular Bootstrap Framework, offering its admin dashboard design flexibility.

Its user-friendly interface makes operation a breeze, saving you valuable time. Dash, packed with numerous features, styles, and plugins, ensures a versatile and efficient admin experience.

Dash’s clean and balanced design enhances aesthetics and functionality, creating a seamless and modern admin dashboard. Elevate your navigation experience with the simplicity and versatility of Dash.

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In conclusion, the showcased free Bootstrap admin dashboard templates are visually appealing and dynamic, offering easy customization with many essential components.

Select and tailor the template to align with your specific requirements and preferences for a seamless management experience.

Explore, customize, and elevate your dashboard experience with these versatile, feature-rich templates. Get started now and unlock the potential of these remarkable admin dashboard templates.

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