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15+ Free Tailwind CSS Templates And Tools

Every day many websites are building or developing for the growing interest of people online. So, the developers or designers need to create lots of websites or customize the site. 

According to the trend or viewer’s choice, these website developers need ready-made frameworks and templates for website development.

Most frameworks come with ready-made templates that can be used with just a copy-paste option. You can’t use these ready-made templates to show creativity. But Tailwind is a different kind of framework that allows developers to grow their creativity.

Basically, Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework that provides a set of CSS helper classes. Like other CSS frameworks, Tailwind doesn’t come with predefined components. Tailwind CSS works on a lower level and gives you a set of CSS helper classes. These classes help you to create layouts and custom designs easily. Also, with these various utility classes, you can create your own unique design.

Moreover, You can build complete custom designs without ever leaving your HTML. Tailwind is now becoming popular among developers. Everyone wants to show their creativity, so they are choosing Tailwind. 

Free Tailwind Templates & Tools

Here are 20+ of the Best Free Tailwind CSS templates and themes. With these fully responsive templates, you can kickstart your next project.

If you want to show your creativity and are fed up with the repeated ready-made templates, you can choose any of these frameworks. Let’s start without any delay.


Shine is a free template based on the utility first CSS framework Tailwind. This template is specially crafted for businesses, startups, SAAs, and web app websites. Shine comes with all the essential elements and sections. This template has a high-quality, refreshing, and modern design. Also, Shine is fully responsive and easy to customize. 



Basic is a free template based on the utility first CSS framework Tailwind. This template is for App, Software, and SaaS Landing Pages. Also, Basic comes with all the essential elements and sections, a high-quality, flawless, and impressive design. Moreover, this tailwind CSS template is fully responsive and easy to customize. 

Tailwind CSS Templates by UIdeck

tailwind templates uideck

We at UIdeck have almost 10+ premium and free Tailwind CSS templates, specially crafted for Startups, SaaS, Apps, Crypto, Portfolios, Businesses, and so on. All these templates are high quality and coded according to best practices.


Start is a free template based on the utility first CSS framework Tailwind. This template is specially crafted for SaaS Business and startup-focused landing pages. Start offers all the essential elements and sections, and a high-quality refreshing design. Also, this tailwind CSS template is fully responsive and extremely customizable.


tailgrids ud

TailGrids is a UI library handcrafted for Tailwind CSS, offering 300+ free and premium UI components, templates, sections, and pages that you can copy-paste. It comes with an amazing design and everything you need to create a complete website using Tailwind. If you are looking for a progressive UI library and UI components for Tailwind CSS, TailGrids will be the perfect choice for you.


Tailblocks is an incredible collection of ready-made tailwind CSS blocks. This template comes with 15 different categories within a website, such as a blog, pricing, eCommerce, and many more. Also, Tailblocks includes a dark mode, which is a trending design. Moreover, this template offers handpicked Tailwind blocks, Tailwind templates, Tailwind Components, and other free resources related to Tailwind CSS.

Tailwind Starter Kit

Tailwind Starter Kit is a Free and Open Source that is based on the powerful Tailwind CSS framework. It comes with multiple HTML elements and dynamic components for ReactJS, Vue, and Angular. Also, This extension has 3 sample pages that are fully coded, so you can start working spontaneously. 

Vue Tailwind Admin

Vue Tailwind Admin is a free admin template built using Tailwind CSS. This simple theme comes with a fresh layout inspired by the latest design trends. Vue also has customizable configurations and Controls the sidebar through components. Moreover, the Vue Tailwind Admin template is 100% open-source.

Screenshot Landing Page

Screenshot Landing Page is an open-source and versatile landing page template based on the almighty Tailwind CSS Framework. It has space for section browser screenshots and custom illustrations. Moreover, this multipurpose landing page template is wisely coded and fully maintained.


Cleopatra is a great admin dashboard built with the powerful Tailwind CSS.  This template comes with rich features and easy-to-use packs and configurations. Cleopatra is licensed under the MIT license. Also, this admin template has awesome browser compatibility and offers a big custom shortcode collection.

Tailwind Toolbox

Tailwind toolbox is a landing page template based on Tailwind, the utility-first CSS framework. This template is crafted for any digital or physical product marketing purpose. Also, Tailwind Toolbox comes with free Google Fonts and a unique and modern layout. Moreover, This landing page template is fully responsive and easily customizable.

Tailwind Admin

Tailwind Admin is a modern premium Tailwind CSS Dashboard. This Admin Template helps you create a web application, dashboard, or SaaS app. Tailwind Admin also comes with feature-rich segments, demo pages, flexible charts and graphs, and drag-and-drop files for your web application projects.

Tailwind Admin Template

Tailwind Admin Template based on the mighty Tailwind CSS framework. This template creates a user interface that stands out as a design with interactive graphs and charts that are beautiful and smooth and deliver the ultimate user experience result. Also, This admin template provides you with a lifetime of free updates.

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