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15+ Best Startup Landing Page Template For 2024 [ Free ]

A landing page serves as a crucial element in turning visitors into potential leads. It stands apart from other website pages by supporting specific objectives, often offering valuable resources like ebooks or webinar signups in exchange for basic contact information. These pages important role in generating leads and guiding prospects through the customer funnel. Serving as the initial point of contact, a Startup landing page template not only creates the first impression but also sets the tone for user engagement and encourages actionable responses.

The Current Trend
The latest trend is now startup companies cause almost everyone tries to open their startup. For your startup company first, you need to create a landing page for your website. This landing page is your startup’s face and you have to make it innovative. If you want to establish a web presence for a startup or side project, using a Bootstrap free landing page template is the best option. You needn’t any design or coding skills, and within a short time, you’ll have an elegant & effective landing page to call your own.

Why Use Free Startup Landing Page Templates

Creating an effective landing page doesn’t necessarily require extensive design or coding skills. Utilizing free startup landing page templates provides a quick and efficient solution for startup owners or those working on side projects. These templates offer a hassle-free way to establish an elegant and impactful online presence.

Best Startup Landing Page Template

To inspire your upcoming project, we’ve curated a list of the best free startup landing page templates for 2024. These templates cater to various industries and purposes, allowing you to choose the one that aligns with your startup’s vision and goals. Explore these options to kickstart your web presence and make a lasting impression in the competitive startup landscape.


Crypto Template

Crypto is a free landing page template based on Bootstrap 5 and HTML5. This HTML template is specially crafted for cryptocurrency, ICO, and Blockchain-related websites

Crypto offers an impressive and effective design for your startup HTML landing page template. Also, this template has a fully responsive layout, a working contact form, and all the essential elements and features for your perfect landing page. 


Fancy - Bootstrap 5 Template

Fancy is a free one-page template specially designed for Business, Agency, Corporate, and Startup websites. This template is built with the latest Bootstrap 5 version. 

It offers a clean, refreshing, modern design for your next business, corporate, or startup site. Also, they provide an impressive slider, an about section, a working contact form, all essential elements, features, and many more. 



Smash Template

Smash is a free startup HTML template based on Bootstrap 4 and HTML5. This template is specially crafted for digital agency and business websites. Also, Smash comes with a clean, refreshing design with a fully responsive layout. 

Moreover, this template offers all essential business sections and features, is fast-loading, highly optimized, and, most importantly, is built with Ayro UI


Core - Agencies Landing Page Template

The Core is a free startup template for businesses, startups, and agencies. This minimal template is built with Bootstrap 4 and HTML5. Moreover, Core comes with 450+ icons, a clean, simple, and high-quality design, CSS and SASS files, and many more. 

Also, this template is fully responsive and easy to customize so that you can get your customized template without any hassle.


Agency - Startup Landing Page

Agency is a free startup landing page template based on Bootstrap4 and HTML5. This one-page template suits Digital Agencies, SEO Agencies, Digital Service Agencies, Small Businesses, Ad Agencies, and Service Provider Websites. 

Moreover, This template comes with a clean, refreshing, and high-quality design for your next agency site. Also, the one-page template includes SCSS files and well-documented all essential sections and features for a digital agency.


Star - SaaS Business Landing Page

Start is a startup landing page template for SaaS Business, and Startup focused landing pages. This template is based on Bootstrap 4 and HTML5. Moreover, Start offers a clean, refreshing, and modern design, which is also highly customizable

This one-page template has all the essential UI elements, a Fully Working Ajax Contact Form, and many more for a complete business landing page. 


Slick - Multipurpose Bootstrap Template

Slick is a free startup landing page built with Bootstrap4 and HTML5. Also, This template offers 450+ line icons, two different and unique homepage variations, all essential elements, customized jQuery/JavaScript Plugins, and CSS libraries. 

This one-page template is Specially crafted for – Businesses, Services, Apps, SaaS, Products, and similar websites. Moreover, Slick has a high-quality design and flawless UI/UX to present the best pleasant experience.


Stack - Free Bootstrap Landing Page

Stack is a free startup template based on the latest version of Bootstrap 4. This template is designed for business, startup, agency, or corporate websites. 

Also, Stack comes with all essential elements and sections for a perfect and smooth website. And they have a flawless UI/UX design with a friendly user experience. 

Moreover, The Stack is fully responsive and fits with all modern browsers.


Material - Bootstrap Landing Page

Material is a free startup template specially crafted for Business, Agency, Corporate, Startup, and Portfolio Websites. This template is based on the latest version of Bootstrap4. Material comes with 25+ Ready Pages, 100+ UI Elements, and 2 Unique Homepage Variations for your next startup template launch. 

Also, they have Refreshing Design, Rich Typography, Documentation, Material Design, SASS files, and many more.


Proton - SaaS Template

Proton is a free startup landing page template based on Bootstrap4 and HTML5. This high-quality template is designed for webApp, startup, agency, SaaS, and app landing pages

This template offers four homepage variations, many elements and sections, CSS3 animations, and rich documentation for your perfect project. 

Also, it has a contemporary and well-designed website template packed with all essential features and a block-based coding structure to simplify customization.


Mate - Bootstrap template

Mate is a free startup HTML template for agency, business, service, and startup websites. This template is built with the latest version of Bootstrap4. Moreover, Mate offers a clean, refreshing, and high-quality design with all essential elements and features for your next startup website launch. 

They come with interactive parallax scrolling, working Ajax form, and many more. Also, Mate is fully responsive and easy to customize.

Helium UI Kit

Helium UI Kit- Template

Helium UI Kit is a free startup template for business, agency, corporate, and agency websites. This template is based on Bootstrap’s version 4.0. 

Moreover, Helium offers 100+ UI components and elements, powerful add-ons, stylish business elements, and cutting-edge features. Also, They have a responsive, clean, and delicate design, CSS and SASS files, and block-based code structure.


Crystal Template

Crystal is a free startup landing page Template based on Bootstrap4 and HTML5. This template offers stunning design and all elements and features to launch any Business, Corporate, Portfolio, and Startup website. 

Also, Crystal has popular and striking features such as – an off-canvas menu, video background, parallax sections, and more.


Space - Bootstrap Stratup Landing Page Template

Space is a versatile free startup landing page template, especially for business, agency, startup, and corporate websites. This template comes with 20+ Business Pages100+ UI elements, and a Fully Responsive Layout for corporate websites. 

Moreover, With a Clean and Refreshing Design and 3 Homepage Variations, you can design a stunning and extraordinary custom website. Also, Space is coded in a block-based structure, SCSS, without jQuery (vanilla JavaScript), well-documented codebase and rich documentation, so it is highly customizable and easy to continue.


Agency - Free Startup Landing Page Template

Agency is a free startup landing page template for digital agencies based on Bootstrap 4 and HTML5. This One Page Bootstrap Template is meticulously crafted for Digital Agencies, SEO Agencies, Digital Service Providers, Small Businesses, Ad Agencies, and various service-oriented websites. 

From a captivating hero area to comprehensive services, testimonials, and a fully functional contact form, Agency is your go-to solution for a visually appealing and responsive online presence. 

It is crafted from our UI kit AyroUI, a startup and SaaS business-focused web UI kit, to provide a sleek design and flawless user experience.


Explore - Bootstrap Landing Page

Explore is a free startup landing page template for digital agencies and portfolios. This high-quality template is built with Bootstrap 4 and HTML5. 

Moreover, this template offers 450+ icons, CSS and SASS files, blog pages, a filterable portfolio, amazing animations, and more. Also, Explore has a productive and intelligent design for your upcoming website template. 


Elevate your startup’s online presence with these handpicked free Startup landing page templates. Designed to capture attention and encourage user interaction, these templates offer a hassle-free solution for establishing an impactful web presence. Choose the one that aligns with your vision and kickstart your journey towards a successful startup venture.

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