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11+ Best Free Angular Admin Dashboard Template For 2024

In today’s era, technology profoundly impacts our lives. The world is digitized with enhanced web technologies, a transformative fact that renders everything accessible on the web. This digital realm proves beneficial for companies, enabling continuous interaction with consumers to address their concerns. Now, discover the power of technology with a seamless experience brought to you by the Free Angular Admin Dashboard Template.

Moreover, it stands as a crucial platform for various industries to showcase and launch new products and services, navigating the dynamic landscape of our digital age.

The web uses various modern and cutting-edge technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, Python, etc., to develop a responsive user interface.

These innovative technologies are equally responsible for the development of interactive Dashboards for website administrators and developers. These Dashboards create a powerful way for interaction.

Revolutionizing Dashboard Development

AngularJS-based Dashboards are more popular due to their clean and stunning layout. AngularJS is the part of world’s most popular javascript framework. There is a vital contribution of AngularJS in the development of web applications and admin dashboards. It is an open-source framework that allows simple interaction via the dashboards.

Here we are with the world’s best collection of free AngularJs-enabled admin panel templates. If you are in search of some responsive and dynamic dashboard admin panels, then it is the right place for you to explore.

Here, you will get the most stylish and functional admin dashboard of 2024 to elevate your web apps and projects.

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Best Angular Admin Template

Discover the latest and most powerful Admin template for managing your web applications with our curated selection of 11+ Best Free Angular Admin Dashboard Template for 2024.

Whether you’re a developer, business owner, or enthusiast, these templates offer a combination of functionality, aesthetics, and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring a smooth administrative experience for your Angular-based projects. Here we go!

Paper Dashboard Angular

Paper Dashboard Angular - Admin Template

Paper Dashboard Angular is an excellent Free Admin Dashboard Template designed using Angular 14. This finely crafted template features pre-built dashboard components, making it an excellent choice for streamlined development. 

Whether you opt for the free version or the premium one, you’re in for a treat. The premium version unlocks a collection of additional components, plugins, and pages to enhance your project.

Key Features:

  • Built on Bootstrap
  • Responsive and Elegant Layout
  • Pre-built Dashboard Components
  • 60 Free Elements
  • 2 Customized Plugins
  • Free SASS files 

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Ng-Matero Dashboard is an advanced open-source Angular admin template designed for seamless integration into Angular applications. Its sleek and modern design provides an aesthetically pleasing interface for effective web application management.

Built with the latest Angular 17, this template adheres to Angular Material Design principles, ensuring a consistent and responsive user interface.

Ng-Matero Dashboard is fully responsive, adapting effortlessly to various devices and screen sizes. Its modular architecture allows for easy customization and scalability.

Key Features:

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Based on Material Design
  • Responsive and adaptable
  • Modular architecture for customization
  • Dark and light theme options
  • Ready-to-use components
  • Permissions management
  • Multiple admin layout

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SB Admin Angular

SB Admin Angular

SB Admin Angular is a free and open-source Angular 9 starter project with a Bootstrap theme. Built on the foundation of SB Admin Pro Angular, it inherits the same project structure and tooling, allowing for seamless integration with SB Admin Pro Angular Documentation. The template includes essential documentation for structure and SBPro Schematics.

Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, SB Admin Angular provides a fundamental implementation of navigation and layouts.

For those seeking advanced features, such as professionally designed components, an advanced SideNav, 100% code coverage, and starter Cypress tests, the premium offering, SB Admin Pro Angular, is the ideal choice. Elevate your Angular development experience with SB Admin Angular.

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Material Dashboard Angular

Material Dashboard Angular

Material Dashboard Angular is an open-source, free Angular admin dashboard template crafted for Angular applications. Utilizing Google’s Material Design principles, this template offers a visually appealing interface with a responsive layout.

With Angular components, customization becomes easy, allowing developers to tailor the dashboard according to their requirements.

The template is accompanied by rich documentation, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free integration process. Elevate your web development projects with this free and feature-rich admin dashboard template.

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Flatlogic Angular Material Dashboard

Flatlogic Angular Material Dashboard

Flatlogic Angular Material Admin Lite is a free and open-source Angular admin dashboard template designed to simplify your development process.

With a bunch of built-in components, this template allows you to create unique features that distinguish your project.

Leveraging Angular Material and SCSS, it provides a responsive layout and stylishly designed Angular Material components such as buttons and cards.

The Lite version contains essential features like a dashboard sample, typography, tables, and notifications, offering a solid foundation for your Angular applications without the need to build everything from scratch.

Key Features:-

  • AngularJS Enabled
  • SASS
  • Featured Browser Sync For Development
  • Gulp-angular yeoman generator-based Project Structure
  • Stylish and Clean Layout

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Ngx-Admin is an open-source dashboard admin panel template built on the robust combination of Bootstrap 4 and Angular JS 15. Packed with compelling features and configurable themes, It provides a flexible solution for your admin panel needs.

Whether you’re developing a project that requires a responsive admin panel, Ngx-Admin is the go-to choice. Explore the power of Ngx-Admin for a seamless and feature-rich admin dashboard experience.

Key Features –

  • High Resolution & Responsive Layout
  • Animated Searches
  • Bootstrap 4+
  • Angular 15+
  • SCSS

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CoreUI for Angular

CoreUI Angular

Core UI is an open-source admin panel template for creating amazing user interfaces. It includes all Bootstrap 4 components and tons of plugins, such as chart.js, Ng2-charts, and Ngx-Bootstrap.

Key Features –

  • SCSS Source Files
  • All Bootstrap 4 Components
  • Free Access To Updates
  • Angular JS enabled
  • Responsive layout

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Argon Dashboard Angular

Argon Dashboard Angular

Argon Dashboard Angular is an open-source dashboard template with over 100 individual components. Each component is customizable to meet specific project needs.

With the flexibility to modify colors through SASS files, this template ensures seamless integration with your branding.

The template features pre-built examples, making the development process effortless and allowing a smooth switch from a prototype to a fully operational website.

Each element offers multiple states for colors, styles, hover effects, and focus, providing easy access for personalized customization.

Accelerate your development journey with Argon Dashboard Angular’s extensive component library and user-friendly customization options.

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Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular

Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular

Light Angular Bootstrap Dashboard is a visually appealing and user-friendly admin dashboard template that emphasizes simplicity and elegance.

This open-source Angular admin template based on Bootstrap 3 ensures a seamless experience across various devices.

With an extensive collection of elements, it provides versatile options for creating applications tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether crafting admin panels, project management systems, web application backends, CMS, or CRM, this template delivers a robust foundation.

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Material Angular Dashboard

Material Angular Dashboard

Material Angular Dashboard is a cutting-edge free admin dashboard template that combines the power of Angular10 with the Material Design framework.

This template offers a simple, sleek, and modern interface, adhering to the principles of Material Design for a visually appealing user experience.

The dashboard provides enhanced performance, responsiveness, and seamless integration with various components.

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RDash Angular

Rdash AngularJs

Rdash Angular is a free and feature-rich dashboard admin panel template equipped with all the essential components. With its captivating design, this template incorporates CSS3-based animations and operates seamlessly on the renowned Angular JS 1.2.21 framework.

Explore the world of Rdash Angular for a visually appealing and functional dashboard experience.

Key Features-

  • CSS3 Based Animations
  • Bloat Free Dashboards
  • Angular JS 1.2.21 Framework
  • Elegant And Responsive Design

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BlurAdmin - Angular Dashboard

BlurAdmin is a free Angular dashboard template offering a highly responsive layout to enhance user experience. Crafted with modern technologies such as JQuery, JQueryUI, SASS, and Angular JS.

This template contains a range of features, including a responsive layout, high resolution, Sass, Gulp build, AngularJS, and support for various charts and maps.

Explore the versatile features of BlurAdmin for your dashboard needs.

Key Features:-

  • Based on the Bootstrap CSS framework
  • Includes a variety of charts
  • Supports Google Maps
  • Licensed under MIT License
  • SASS Documentation

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In conclusion, these 11+ Free Angular Admin Dashboard Templates for 2024 offer powerful and customizable solutions for web development projects.

With modern designs and user-friendly interfaces, these templates provide a solid foundation for creating dynamic web applications.

Explore the flexibility of Angular and enhance your management process with these open-source resources. Elevate your projects and stay ahead of the curve with these free and feature-rich Angular admin dashboard templates.