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20 Amazing Free Bootstrap 4 Templates

Thinking about creating a website or a new web application? Wondering how to create a responsive web layout with cool design and features? We are sure that the answer is “Yes”. Right now, a lot of things may be going on in your mind. We know what it feels like. Since you are in the thought of creating your web application, you may have already heard about Bootstrap. If you didn’t, then you will read about it now. Or if you already know a lot about Bootstrap, still you would love to hear us out. Because you live in an era where a lot of things can change in a blink of an eye.

Bootstrap is an open-source front-end CSS framework that is widely used and becoming more popular every day. With Bootstrap, you can create responsive web layouts that work smoothly on any platform. Bootstrap frameworks are tremendously popular because of their functionality and attractive designs.

Bootstrap has successfully released three major versions over the last five years. These versions have been well-recognized and well-liked by most of the users. Bootstrap actually made the user’s life easy. With the releases of these previous five versions, the Bootstrap team provided time-to-time updates in order to make things better, faster, and smoother to create more complex web layouts with more power.

Now, the exciting news for existing Bootstrap users is that the Bootstrap team already made the fourth release, though it’s still in the Alfa stage of development. But is this not good news if you are not an existing user? Of course it is! You can start your web experience right with Bootstrap 4. Do not get worried or overwhelmed. You are going to have the smoothest web experience ever.

So, what’s exciting about Bootstrap 4? There have been some major changes taken place in this new version. It comes with crucial feature upgrades. The new features are moving LESS to SASS, a New Grid System, an Updated navbar, Flex-box support, and Reboot.scss, Rearranged Support for IE9, Rewritten JavaScript Plugins and more. The new version is better and improved.

Now, you may wonder how you are going to put your effort into learning the new Bootstrap version and customizing it according to your business needs. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about it. There are already promising, high-quality Bootstrap 4 templates available- and they are free! You can get started right now if you want.

Here we have listed out 20 best free amazing Bootstrap 4 templates:

Crystal – Free Bootstrap 4 Business Template

Based on Bootstrap 4 and HTML5, Crystal is a free video background website template perfect for business, corporate, portfolio, agency, and startup websites. The design is very clean, and it includes all the necessary features and components. It is fully responsive and compatible with all updated browsers.

Download and Demo

SB Admin HTML Bootstrap 4 Template

SB Admin is already famous. This free Bootstrap template is rewritten in Angular 4 and Bootsrtap 4. That means, now you can get the Bootstrap 4 version of SB Admin which comes with lots of new features and components.

Download and Demo

Helium – Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Helium is a Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit built with Bootstrap 4, and comes with 100+ UI Components, Pages, and Elements. The UI kit was developed using the latest technologies – HTML5, CSS3, and Sass. Helium is one of the best free bootstrap UI kits available on the web for FREE.

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Bootstrap 4 Modular Admin Template

Based on Bootstrap 4, Modular Admin is an open-source dashboard theme. The theme is built in a modular way, which makes it very easy to revamp, plate, and maintain. Includes components that use the new flexible layout module, which is available in most current browsers like iOS Safari 7+, Android 4.4+, Chrome for Android 44+, IE 10+, Last 2 Versions FF, Chrome, IE 10+, and Safari Mac.

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Bell – Free Responsive Bootstrap 4 Theme

Based on Bootstrap 4, Bell is a free responsive single-page theme. It might be the perfect choice for an agency, business, or portfolio website. The theme includes SASS, Parallax blocks, Animated scrolling, Counters, a Slick modern design, and a one-pager design.

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Free Bootstrap 4 Startup UI Kit

Based on Bootstrap 4, the fully responsive UI kit includes 50 UI cards in 10 categories, which allow you to create your own unique layouts. The categories include Cover, Feature, Content Blocks, Call to Action, Team, Gallery, Contact, Testimonial, and Footers.

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Creative – One Page Bootstrap Theme

With the flexibility to create creative portfolios and business websites, Creative is a one-page Bootstrap theme. The theme is designed with a number of attractive features and necessary components. Includes Custom button styles, Semantic markup with nav, sections, asides, and LESS files.

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Agency Bootstrap 4 Template

Another one-page bootstrap portfolio theme. This theme is stylish and clean. The agency is ideal for your agency or small business. The theme is one hundred percent responsive. Includes LESS files, a Footer with social links, copyright information, and other links.

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Freelancer Bootstrap 4 One-page Template

Built for freelancers, Freelancer is a one-page bootstrap-4 portfolio theme. It features a custom portfolio grid. It includes fewer files, compiled CSS, Flat icons by, jqBootstrapValidation plugin, Custom outline button style, Scrollspy on navigation items, and Fixed top navigation that collapses on scroll.

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AdminHero – Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template

Based on Twitter Bootstrap 4 Framwork, AdminHero is a responsive admin dashboard template. It provides a lot of necessary dashboard components. With the ready-made pages, you can start your project right away!

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Dashboard – Bootstrap 4 Admin Theme

Including all essential web components along with charts, graphs, and tables, Dashboard is a Bootstrap 4 Admin and Dashboard theme. It supports all the major modern browsers. For any admin site, it is outlined to be the perfect starting point.

Download and Demo

Final Words

With the above-mentioned Bootstrap 4 templates, you can start experiencing the exciting new features and components anytime you want. They are all free! All these templates are highly customizable and beautiful with cool design. Each of these templates comes with tons of attractive features and essential web components. Choose one of them that seems to fulfill your personal needs.