20+ Best Free JavaScript & jQuery File Upload Plugins and Libraries 2021

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20+ Best Free JavaScript & jQuery File Upload Plugins and Libraries 2021

Can you imagine using the internet without being able to share files with other people? If you want to dig out the basic structural brick of the web, it would be different types of files, be it small or big. From general text documents to any programming oriented files, a web cannot work without the option of ‘uploading a file’.

So, whenever a web developer lights the idea of adding a ‘file sharing’ feature on his website, the instant need of managing the files arises. It is true that there is no better way to complement an existing website by adding a smooth file sharing feature but the solution might come through a hard way.

And the only solution to this problem is to install a plugin. There are many JavaScript and jQuery file upload plugins and libraries that will help you give the users a seamless experience in the field of file sharing. Here goes the list of 20 free JavaScript and jQuery file upload plugins. Have a look.


jQuery File upload plugin

The 5 versioned jQuery plugin is one of the best plugins that you can ever get for your website. This free plugin has five different versions to provide the users with a seamless experience. Also, this plugin is perfectly compatible with all server platforms such as Python, PHP or Java. On top of that, it supports multiple browsers as well. From Chrome to FireFox, this plugin runs on everything. Although it does not have any actively maintained official support channel to post your grievances, you can post your questions on StackOverflow.

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If you want to have the seamless experience of ‘drag and drop’ file sharing experience, this is the best option you can have. This highly customisable plugin is compatible with every advanced version of the browsers like Chrome 7+ etc. Also, this is an open source library that is lightweight for your website as well. Although the ‘drag and drop’ feature of this plugin does not work with older browser versions, it still gives the best seamless experience a plugin could ever give you.

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Another miracle worker for your ‘file uploading’ feature! This jQuery plugin is swift, and it gives your file sharing feature a whole new dimension altogether. The two distinct versions, i.e. Flash and HTML5 give you the right to put the right implementation with the help of this plugin as well. Also, it adds up the feature of adding multiple files to your website as well. Last but not least, this plugin helps your fall back features to degrade as well.

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The fancy UI is the USP of this plugin! jQuery.Filer is one of the best plugins to be installed on your website. It is an HTML5 file upload plugin that makes the whole experience of drop and drag simplified and fun. On top of that, it allows you to add files from different folders as well. Not only that, but it also lets you add images too. You crop the picture or resize it; the wish is yours! And with the adding of your own validation code, you can have the full control of your file uploading size as well.

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PekeUpload is the perfect customised plugin that you have been searching for your website. With the multi-uploading feature, this plugin is flexible and gives you the best ‘drag and drop’ functionality. The HTML5 version of this plugin has other great features as well such as previewing your uploaded files or customising your file the way you want. In a nutshell, this plugin is the best in the market if you are control freak!

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If you are fond of multilingual plugin for decorating your website, the PlupLoad will be the best choice ever. With more than 30 languages in the system, this plugin gives you the full control of the plugin and how you want to upload the files. A built-in UI, seamless drag and drop feature and using filters as per your requirement – these features are the reasons why this plugin stands out of the crowd.

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If you are not comfortable with complicated plugin or library that can handle big chunks of files, this is not a suitable plugin for you. But it is a great plugin for websites where the web developers plan on letting the users upload a big GB file. The best part of this plugin is that it will automatically re-upload if a file uploading ends in an error.

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Fine Uploader5

This JavaScript written plugin has various features that set it apart from other normal plugins. Drag and drop, progress bar and multiple upload options for big files — these are the three USPs that you cannot ignore in this plugin. Also, it tries uploading files in small pieces. Thus, in case of a failure or an error, the whole progress bar does not get lost. Another big feature of this plugin is that it lets you upload files on cloud managed systems such as Amazon’s S3 service etc.

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If you are looking for a plugin that has simplified UI, this is the right plugin for you! With many unique features such as drag and drop, crop, preload and validate control, this plugin gives you a clean and flexible experience as well.

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The name suggests the temptation! This simple plugin is the best for those web developers who are looking for a lightweight plugin or library for their websites. It perfectly does the work for ‘drag and drop’. Also, the smooth working of this plugin helps in uploading big files in small chunks as well.

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Drop Area

Another HTML5 drag and drop file uploader plugin, Drop Area is best suited for all kinds of websites. The simplified UI of this plugin is the best USP. Also, it works quite smoothly for the big files as well. If you want to upload images, you can crop or resize it with the help of this plugin as well.

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jQuery Ajax Uploader

Although it needs a basic knowledge to JavaScript to use this plugin, it has hundreds of amazing feature to worth that knowledge. From simple drag to drop to smooth progress bar, this lightweight plugin is perfect for all the modern browsers.

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Bootstrap File Input

If you want to control all of your files under one single window, this is the right plugin for you. This plugin lets you convert your HTML file inputs to an advanced picker file control. Also, the user interface of this plugin is quite smooth as well.

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Closify is the ideal plugin for your website if image file uploading is the sole purpose of your website. It can handle all the big chunks of file by breaking them into small chunks. This jQuery plugin is also best in cropping or resizing the uploaded image as well. On the top of these features, this plugin provides you with a smooth user interface as well.

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This plugin has various functions and file uploading is one of them. However, this feature of this plugin is fast and has a very simplified UI as well. It handles big files quite well and it has the minimum reports of errors. Lightweight and easy drag and drop features are the two things that you cannot ignore of this plugin.

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FileDrop is another easy file uploading plugin that provides the users with a smooth user interface. It is JavaScript optimised library that mainly focuses on direct browser files. Along with simple drag and drop facility, it has notification system as well. You can upload multiple files with the help of this plugin as well.

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FileAPI is one of those plugins that can be used in mobiles or apps. This plugin has a smoothe in-built UI with a flexible working process. This plugin can be called file management system as a whole. Also, it handles all the big files quite easily as well.

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Picture Cut

This jQuery plugin is the best for all the image uploading tasks. From drag and drop features to crop features, this plugin provides you with the best user interface as well. It is friendly and smooth.

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Lite Uploader

Lite Uploader is the simple plugin that is lightweight and customisable as well. With good inbuilt configuration options, Lite Uploader uses new HTML5 to make the whole process smoother.

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These 20 are the best free JavaScript and jQuery plugins or libraries that you can ever use for developing a website. So, why miss out the chance of experiencing a smooth file uploading system?

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