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11+ Sites to Download Free HTML Templates

A pre-built website developed by HTML pages is a website template that covers mixed pictures and text content and helps files for font styles and Javascript. The end-user fills their information, text, and pictures into the pre-built design. And later upload that to an HTML web hosting account for viewing on the Internet. Embark on a web development journey with our curated list of the best Sites to Download Free HTML Templates.

An HTML web template is built by applying HTML or XHTML and includes CSS and Javascript code. And HTML 5 is the modern version. However, The latest version was created by WHATWG on Oct 28, 2014. Besides, it is responsive to all-new web browsers and mobile devices and is popular among web developers and designers.

A free HTML Template is a ready-made web design layout based on HyperText Markup Language. We can provide you with some of the best sources for free HTML templates.

Here, you can get HTML5 and HTML Website Templates as basic and Simple HTML Templates. All of them are responsive, fully customizable, and easy-to-use templates. You can download HTML templates from any of these.

Let’s not discuss the topic any further and jump straight to the details. Here are the 11+ best sources and websites to download free HTML templates for 2024.

Sites to Download free HTML templates

Discover the top sites for downloading free HTML website templates. Simplify your web development journey with versatile and customizable options. Explore our list to kickstart your projects with ease.


GrayGrids - Download Free HTML Templates

GrayGrids is a versatile platform that has one of the largest collections of free HTML templates. The collection has free responsive HTML templates on the web and also has a section of all essential features.

Moreover, their templates have a fully responsive layout, high-quality design, and all the essential features you need to create a simple site or launch your website.

However, you can also find HTML Website Templates and Bootstrap Themes for Businesses, Landing Pages, Admin Dashboards, and Resume and portfolio Websites.


UiDeck - Download Free HTML Templates

UIdeck is a website filled with free HTML Website Templates, Bootstrap Themes, and UI Kits for various shorts of websites and landing pages.

The site offers you 40+ free HTML templates for your desired website. Also, here you can find all templates and themes that are fully responsive, easy to use, customizable, cooperative with all modern web browsers, and handy to use with your next web projects.


W3Layouts - Download Free HTML Templates

W3layouts is an online store that started in April 2012 and offers free HTML website templates for all types of businesses. Its free website templates offer several design options for a great-looking website.

Additionally, they are all responsive and mobile-friendly, built with Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and JS. 

Creative Tim

CreativeTim -  Free HTML Templates

Creative Tim is a platform where web designers and developers find fully coded UI tools. They offer 84+ free HTML templates for your upcoming website and dashboards that will help you build web and mobile apps.

They are super rich with designs,  fully responsive, easily customizable, and more. Creative Tim also offers UI Kits, Dashboards, and Design Systems. 


Templated - Download HTML Templates

Templated is stuffed with free HTML templates for your next website launch. They offer 867 simple CSS, HTML5, and responsive site templates made by them and published for free following the Creative Commons.

These templates are modern, business-oriented, super customizable, and everything you need for your website launch. Also, all their templates are fully responsive. 

One page love

Free One Page Templates

One Page Love offers 85 free One Page templates. This site offers various one-page templates for any kind of project. Every template covers a review, long screenshot, live demo, and download links.

These HTML templates require a small number of coding skills and are easy to set up. These free templates are excellent for quickly testing our ideas before stepping into big project development.


HTML5 - Free Templates

HTML5 UP is a website for various free HTML and CSS3 templates designed by @ajlkn. It offers exclusive Bootstrap, CSS, and Jquery-based templates.

These templates are fully responsive, so you don’t have to worry about different browsers. They are also easily customizable, so you can launch your custom website.



Colorlib is known for being one of the best collections of free, ready-made HTML templates. They offer 900+ free website templates for your desired content. The templates have bright color pallets, a contact form, and a modern design.

Moreover, these templates are super customizable and fully responsive. They have loads of templates for any kind of project, and all of these are free.


UiCookies - Download Free HTML Templates

uiCookies has vast collections of free HTML templates based on Bootstrap. These templates come with stunning and modern designs. Moreover, these templates are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

Also, for easy customization, you can use these for your personal business or commercial purposes. You can use their free version or premium version; both are available for every template.



Templatemo has free HTML5 CSS templates based on Bootstrap. This site offers 548+ free HTML templates for commercial or personal purposes. 

These templates are also fully responsive and mobile-friendly. They are easy to use, customizable, and available in both free and premium versions.



Freebiasbug offers free HTML5 ready-made templates. These templates feature inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers. 

Also, these templates are fully responsive and mobile-friendly. They are easy to use and customizable, and all these come without any cost.


In conclusion, these 11+ sites offer a collection of free HTML templates to simplify web development. From the versatility of GrayGrids to the modern designs at uiDeck and the business-oriented options on W3layouts, developers have a range of choices.

Whether exploring Colorlib’s extensive collection or enjoying inspirational designs on Freebiesbug, these platforms are valuable resources for efficient and visually appealing web templates.

Download free HTML templates and streamline your web development journey.

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