15+ Best Free SASS, SCSS and LESS Compilers – CSS Preprocessing Tools

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15+ Best Free SASS, SCSS and LESS Compilers – CSS Preprocessing Tools

People do not see your website the way you see it, do they? Just like a human body, websites need clothes to cover them up too or more accurately digital cloths. Without proper digital clothing, a website cannot be represented in public. Thus, the use of SASS and LESS come into the question.
Shirt, pant, skirts, frocks — SASS, SCSS and LESS pretty much sum up the whole human wardrobe for a website. Be it a blog or any other site for an official purpose; a website cannot be styled without having CSS files and SASS/LESS/SCSS is efficient way to write and manage CSS codes for scalable development. But the whole procedure is not as easy as putting on clothes. Let us break it down a little for you.


As we know that a website is nothing but a structural composition of a bunch of codes of Javascript, PHP and CSS. Amongst these three code-heads, CSS is liable to put on colour, fonts, layouts etc. of a website. This CSS can be inherited from SCSS, SASS and LESS. ‘Synthetically Awesome Style Sheets’ or SASS/SCSS is an extension of CSS that helps in giving the touch of simplicity and elegance to the basic language of CSS. Thus, SASS is the pre-processor of CSS that contributes to enabling things like variables, nested rules etc.

Similar to SCSS/SASS, LESS is another extension and pre-processor of CSS. LESS helps to customise, manage and design the style sheets easily. This cross browser compatible, open source language has almost similar functions that of SASS with slight differences such as installation, operating style etc.


The SASS and LESS compilers work like a transmission tunnel. If you think it is better to create animation and colour composition on SASS, you can just transform into CSS with the help of a compiler as the browsers cannot read the raw SASS or LESS codes, can they? Let us have a look.

1. Koala

Koala is one of the most popular SASS or LESS compiler that there is. It is simple and runs smoothly. On the top of everything, this compiler is perfectly compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. This GUI application is one of the authentic names in the market nowadays. Along with multi-language and cross-platform feature, Koala is surely the best SASS and LESS compiler that there exist.

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2. CodeKit

If you are looking for a well documented compiler for your SASS and LESS purpose, this is the one to grab first. Although it only runs on Mac operating system, it provides top-notch service. Also, this compiler can compile Javascript as well. However, this compiler is not entirely free. It is free for LESS only. You can download the trial for if you want to test it out.

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3. SimpLess

Despite a few errors, this compiler is one of the best LESS compiler on the market. The smooth working UI and auto pre-fixing feature have made this app a great value for time and money. The easy LESS to CSS transformation is surely a remark of this app. Though it does not help out with your SASS problem, it is a great solution for LESS compiles.

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4. SASSmeister

Just like SimpLess, Sassmeister tops the compilation the SASS codes to CSS. And the best part of this compiler is that you can try your hands on SASS without even installing the RUBY. With the latest SASS version up on their system, Sassmeister is probably the stable SASS compiler there on the market. Also, with the help of this app, you can convert and generate CSS in different formats such as compressed, expanded, compact etc.

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5. PrePros

This compiler is wholly dedicated being an all-rounder. PrePros are one of the best SASS and LESS compiler that there is on the market and it works on Windows, Linux and Mac without any kind of problem. The smooth UI of this compiler soothes eyes, and the whole curriculum of the PrePros UI is perfectly simple as well. The best part being, it has browser refresh capability. The only disadvantage is that this compiler is not up for free of cost.

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6. Scout

Scout is just not only a SASS compiler but it also comes with the ease of working with SASS as well. With the pre-installed RUBY, Scout provides SASS to every Windows and Mac OS. This app has technical sound-proofing so that you can concentrate more on your web design. The smooth convert process and the simple form of user interface – these two are the main characteristics of Scout.

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7. TheSassWay

Apart from converting SASS to CSS, if you also want to be updated on every other news of SASS, this is the ideal compiler anyone can seek. The charming UI and the continuous updates are the two most loved features of this compiler. And apart from converting SASS files to CSS files, this app also works as a publishing platform and accepts articles from the SASS community as well.

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8. LiveReload

The auto compiling option is the only word that can make you a huge fan of this app. Although it does not have a great or charming UI, the job of converting SASS and LESS to CSS of this compiler is perfect. Along with a brand new refresh capability, this app now works on Windows and Mac OS as well. However, the Windows version of this compiler is free now.

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9. Compass

This GUI supported application is another wonder in the world of SASS to CSS conversion. This compiler is perfectly compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. And the exciting part of using this compiler is that it has many free tools to use. And the simpler UI has made the life of converting SASS to CSS much easier as well. Apart from that, it comes with an inbuilt server and also has perfect refresh capabilities as well.

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10. Bourbon

Bourbon is especially made for SASS to CSS conversion. The smooth UI, great compatible to all browser features have made this app a heron amongst many other compilers. Also, it has many ready to go mixins for SASS conversion library as well.

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11. Winless

Now that we have talked a lot about the SASS to CSS conversion, WinLess is an excellent LESS to CSS converter. This compiler is a GUI compatible application. It runs on every browser and holds some of the best tools for the purpose of compiling LESS to CSS. Apart from these features, this app can easily find out the LESS and the CSS folders from the parent folders.

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12. Mixture

An underrated but one of the most useful compilers of all the time! This SASS and LESS compiler runs a smooth UI along with a great compatibility to Mac OS and Windows. Although it is not free of cost, it is surely worthy of your every penny. Also, this application has almost similar features that of the PrePros as well.

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13. Crunch 2

This free compiler is one of the top-notch compiler of the LESS files to CSS. This is a cross platform Adobe Air app which is compatible on both Windows and Mac OS. On the top of everything, this compiler has a full-fledged editor as well.

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14. Komodo

It might not be very famous, but the Komodo LESS compiler is sure is great help for converting LESS files to CSS. It is smooth and free of cost as well. The pretty UI is another reason why everyone should try out this compiler.

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And if you are looking for the absolute easiest way to get your job done of converting LESS to CSS, the Online LESS2CESS would be perfect for you. It is easy to use and it does not need any package as well. Just open the .org site of this compiler and you can start using LESS compiler right away.

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The above mentioned 15 LESS and SASS compilers are some of the best compilers on the market nowadays. It is true that after the evolve of SASS and LESS, the whole story of web design has gotten much easier. The pre-processors of the CSS are not only a time-saver but it also helps manage all the layouts, colours and other designing aspects of a website carefully. However, these pre-processors might not be a good idea if you are a beginner in this field as they are pretty complicated. Let’s try out these SASS and LESS compilers and make the whole idea of web designing way more fun!

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