10 Best Free Line Icon Font Packs – SVG, PNG and Web Fonts

March 28, 2018| UIdeck Team

450+ Free Line Icons – LineIcons

This icon pack is completely free and comes with 450+ handcrafted line icons. It covers every single essential icon you need for the project from different categories. LineIcons also provides free CDN and clear documentation to get started easily. It comes with 2 different scalable packages – WebFonts and SVG files, so you can use them depending on your project needs. If you are looking for high legible icons with all premium features, LineIcons is the perfect choice for you!

  • 450+ Free Icons
  • SVG Files
  • Web Font Ready
  • Free CDN
  • Well-documented
  • High Legibility

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Linea – Cluster of 730+ Free Icons

Basic, Music, E-commerce, Software, Basic Elaboation, Arrows and weather icons are included in Linea Icon Pack. It is one of the best and free Icon set crafted by Dario Ferrando where Basic version includes 135 icons, Music section has 30 icons, 85 icons are there in Ecommerce, 100 icons for softwares, 145 for Basic Elaboration Category, Arrows includes 1360 icons and in weather section 85 icons are there.

  • Free Icon Set
  • PSD
  • AI
  • Webfont

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Simple Line Icons – Pack Of 160+ Icons

This Icon Pack comes with 162 beautifully crafted and creative web font icons. Anyone can use these icons by using their respected class names for web and UI design.

  • Clean and Elegant Icon set
  • Free 160+ Icons
  • AI
  • SVG
  • PSD

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Themify Icons – Free 320+ Handcrafted Icons

Themify is a set of 320+ pixel perfect icons and is specially crafted for web and app designing. Themify is completely Free and anyone can distribute it for personal and commercial purposes. Go and get this must have Icon Pack before everybody else.

  • 320+ Handcrafted Icons
  • Absolutely Free
  • Includes SVG Format
  • WordPress Plugin Version is also available
  • Inspired by Apple iOS 7

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Streamline – 100 iOS icons for Free

Streamline is a pack Free and handcrafted 100 IOS icons. Streamline ultimate pack includes 5000 icons and it is the world’s largest icon collection. So, first go with the free version of Streamline and judge the quality then Go for the Ultimate version.

  • 100 IOS Icons
  • Iconjar
  • Sketch
  • SVG
  • AI

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Linear Icons – Free 170 Icons

Linear Icon pack is one of the most popular and best icon packs for personal r commercial purposes. Linear icon pack comes in both free and premium versions. The free version of this amazing icon pack comes under creative common license.

  • CloudFront CDN
  • Free Version Available
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • Webfont

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Drip Icons – Free Vector Line-Icon Font

Drip icon pack is a set 200 completely free icons and Licensed under creative commons attribution 4.0 license. Font of drip icons comes under SIL open font license.

  • PSD
  • EI
  • EPS
  • Webfont
  • CSS Mapping
  • Character Mapping

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The Elegant icon Font – Best Icon Pack

The Elegant icon pack is a cluster of Best and Free 360 modern icons. All icons inside Elegant icon pack are vector based which offers contraction and expansion of the icons without diminishing the quality.

  • 360 Icons
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Engaging Icons
  • Free

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Tonicons – Free 300 outline icons

Tonicons icon pack has been designed to deal with apps and web projects easily. It is a set of 300 outline icons and accessible with every vector based program. This stunning icon pack is developer friendly and includes SVG and AI etc.

  • Free
  • PNG
  • EPS10
  • CSS Ready
  • SVG

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