License and Copyright

Premium/Pro/Paid Products

  1. Allowed to Remove Backlink/Credits.
  2. Allowed to Submit Support Tickets.
  3. Documentation is provided.
  4. Allowed to use products for personal and commercial projects.
  5. Modify Products to fit your/clients needs and can charge your clients.
  6. Not allowed  to resell, redistribute, license, or sub-license.
  7. Use Depending on License Type.

Free Products

  1. Not allowed to Remove Backlink/Credit.
  2. Allowed to use with personal projects only.
  3. Support is not provided for free downloads.
  4. Documentation is not Provided with Free Downloads.
  5. Not allowed to resell, redistribute, license, or sub-license.
  6. Use Depending on License Type.

Single License

  1. Use in Single(01) Commercial Project.
  2. Charge Single(01) Client/Customer.
  3. Use in Single(01) Project/App/Domain.
  4. Normally, all products under single license, If there is nothing mentioned.
  5. Best Choice for Small Businesses.

Developer License

  1. Use in Multiple/Unlimited Projects/Domains.
  2. Charge Multiple/Unlimited Clients/Customers.
  3. Use in SaaS or Large Scale Platforms.
  4. Best Choice for Multiple/Unlimited Projects/Apps/Websites/Clients/Domains.

For Bloggers/Marketers

  1. You are welcome to Post about our Products in Your blog.
  2. Not Allowed to provide direct download file.