Product Types:

Premium/Commercial Licensed Products

  1. – Allowed to Remove Backlink/Credits.
  2. – Allowed to Submit Support Tickets.
  3. Documentation is provided.
  4. – Allowed to use products for personal and commercial projects.
  5. – Modify Products to fit your/clients needs and can charge your clients.
  6. – Not allowed  to resell, redistribute, license, or sub-license.
  7. Use Depending on License Type.

Free/Personal Licensed Products

  1. – Not allowed to Remove Footer Credits.
  2. – Allowed to use with personal projects only.
  3. – Support is not provided for free downloads.
  4. – Documentation is not Provided with Free Downloads.
  5. – Not allowed to use with commercial projects and charging clients

License Types:

Single License

  1. Use in Single(01) Commercial Project.
  2. Charge Single(01) Client/Customer.
  3. Use in Single(01) Project/App/Domain.
  4. Normally, all products under single license, If there is nothing mentioned.
  5. Best Choice for Freelancers.

Business License

  1. Use in Ten (10) Commercial Projects.
  2. Charge Ten (10) Clients/Customers.
  3. Use in Ten (10) Projects/Apps/Domains.
  4. Best Choice for Small Businesses.

Developer License

  1. Use in Multiple/Unlimited Projects/Domains.
  2. Charge Multiple/Unlimited Clients/Customers.
  3. Best Choice for Multiple/Unlimited Projects/Apps/Websites/Clients/Domains.

For Bloggers/Marketers

  1. – Allowed to post about our Products in your blog.
  2. – Not Allowed to provide direct download file.

Still confused? Feel free to ask by opening a support ticket, we will get back to you ASAP