7 Top Web Design Trends of 2020 and Will Remain in 2021

By Jenifer

7 Top Web Design Trends of 2020 and Will Remain in 2021

Web design trends are constantly changing. For those associated with the web design industry, this phrase often acts because of the motivation that constantly pushes designers. They have to dig something new and innovative for the change. But change is also a process that doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to mature almost like fine wine.

In 2020, there are many latest things further as modifications of past techniques happening within the web design industry. Be it twiddling with limits, exploring with new methods, the web design trends in 2020 are getting amazingly productive. Web designers have gotten amazingly inventive while maintaining the sites operative and clean of clutter. However, they control to design pieces that stand out. Furthermore, incorporating the latest and hottest web design trends will ensure your website to appear modern and updated. Moreover, it brings the care of a large plus when it involves leaving the impression of reliability in your clients’ eyes.

In this post, we’ve assembled the top 7 most influential web design trends for 2020 that may dominate the screens. So, make preparations to achieve inspiration if you’re a web site designer otherwise you want to induce your website design or redesign following the most recent industry trends.

 Let’s not linger to any extent further and dig right into top web design trends of 2020 and will remain in 2021.


by Rogie

This design is one of the most happening design trends of 2020. Dark mode web designs are ultra-modern and make colors and design elements pop. They are truly productive and increase the clarity of other accent colors. Though it became a popular trend in 2019, it continues to grow bigger this year. The dark mode design also consists of other popular 2020 design trends that combine dark and moody color schemes blended with glowing neons as well.


by Ryan Sterling

This trend is all about producing intensity. It’s level up from the material design trend which may transform a simplistic image into a blinding piece. This pseudo-3D effect will be done on icons, graphics, and text still. Taking the postulates of material design a step further, designers can add a bit extra pizzazz to 2D layouts with soft drop shadows and layering elements on top of each other for extended depth. These effects provide the design a lightweight feel as if the elements are hovering over each other—a visible contrast from the typical, solid flat design where the layers seem, well, flat.


by Tubik

Previously web designers have had to use static imagery to represent their idea. But the condition has changed now. Gratitude to high-speed Internet connections, static hero images is gone. Instead, high-quality videos that generate a movie-like experience are an attractive way of appealing, welcome, and entertaining visitors in 2020. Imagery is crucial in visible design because it allows releasing the message instantly and straightforwardly, and no better way of showing that than using a video. Video makes the action more real and powerful. It involves users, and they are more likely to spend time watching clips. Video clips used in a hero section can change from a few seconds of looped video to full-length preview clips with audio. 


Ultra minimalism controlled stock design for a long time. Designers attempted to overcome all visual properties and give only essential objects such as key content and functional elements. As a result, they built products that used exaggerated amounts of white space and nearly no color. Ultra minimalism made all interfaces look alike.

Users got fatigued with boring designs, and designers started to explore with multiple visual styles. Then they came roaring back with the gradient in 2020. From striking backgrounds with multi-color gradients to crafty gradients for texture, this trend is everywhere. What we are seeing now, is gradients that link multiple colors with quite a bit of contrast, rather than more subtle-monotone gradients that were popular as of late.


By Absurd.design

Human-centered procedure in design has seen something of a renewal lately, and no better example of that than hand-drawn elements. Whether it’s cartoonish illustrations, drawn icons, or handwritten lettering, technology in recent years is all about inducing passions, perception, and private touch. In 2020, combining some hand-drawn realness gives web designs the spirit and soul visitors find appealing. Moreover, hand-drawn graphics spread positivity, soulfulness, and easy-going, so this trend is an absolute requirement for 2020 if you plan to point out to your clients just how productive and resourceful you’ll be. In fact, this rebellious trend is nearly a countermovement to the trend of pixel-perfect flat designs—so flaunt your scratchy edges and open shapes to indicate how human and lifelike your brand is.


by Tran Mau Tri Tam

Combining intensity produces the next sense of realism for a design. Three-dimensional representation is an extension of that idea. It’s a trend we began to see lots of near the tip of the last decade, and expect to work out plenty more by 2020. For a protracted time, 3D objects were only utilized in games and entertainment. With the rise of device processing power, we’ve 3D objects rising on regular websites both on desktop and mobile versions. The simplest 3D designs give users something a bit unexpected.


By Dropbox Design

One of the foremost important aspects of a decent UX is clean, legible typography. Bold, all-caps fonts, monochromatically colored, or natural with a survey are the most well-liked trend today. Cursive fonts are hard-to-read and it’s very easy to combine similar-looking letters, so such typography has nothing to try on a fresh, modern website that aims permanently at UX. However, choosing the proper font family and using it the correct way will have the facility to form or break your design. The trick is to use the heavy fonts for some words or a brief-phrase and contrast it with thinner fonts to create the general design more attractive.


A web design dedicated to helping people understand what’s true and what isn’t. an internet design is for all, no matter what ability, or identity. 2020 is that year of variety when it occurs to trends controlling the online design world. From sheer integrity to over-the-top color and elements combinations, designers have a pattern of choices on a way to build a website that may fill out among all the opposite attention-grabbing designs out there.

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