Top Material Design Color Palettes for Web and Graphic Design

January 7, 2017| Saiful Saif


Here is the collection of some of the best Material Design Color Palettes resources around the web to make your material color selection more easier and perfect

Material Design Color Palette

material design color palatte

This color palette has been designed to work harmoniously with primary and accent colors which can be used for illustration and to develop brand colors of your project. It starts with accent and primary colors as well as fills in the range to generate a entire and working palette for Android, Web, as well as iOS. From the Google’s instruction, use at least 500 colors is working as the primary colors in your app as well as the other colors working as accents colors.

Material design palette generator

material design palette generator

This Material Design Color Palette generator comes with LESS/CSS toolkit. This color palette created and maintained by Google itself. This color palette includes primary as well as accent colors which will help you to give perfect and exact colors to your material design template or app.


materialize css color generator

This color palette is based on the base colors of material design. Each defined class with a base color class and an optional lightens or darkens class. Check his out.

Material UI colors

material UI color palette


This material color comes with trendy color effect and gives you the exact material design color palette within seconds.

Material Color Palette Sketch Resource

Material Color Palette Sketch Resource

You can easily copy the colors in different formats in this Material Color Palette. I hope you will find it useful, let me know how it works in the comment section.

Material palette

material palette

This material design color palette comes with fashionable color effect and gives you the exact material design color palette within the blink of eyes.


material ui comes with an immense collection of tools for Material Design Colors, Social and Flat UI Colors; you just click and copy the color from color palette of very popular Flat UI Colors.

Material design color generator

material up design color

Material design color palette

tint ui

Material Color Palette Resource

material colorion

Trendy Web Color Palettes and Material Design Color Schemes & Tools

material design color schemes

Material Design Other Resources

In these material design resource where you will find the exact ideas about your material design or how it would be like. In these ideas you can picture yourself that the way you must go in material design workshop. Each and every files are free and all of them are downloadable, so download and enjoy your freebies.

Open and Close – Free AE File

Keynote Animation Material Design

Google Material Design – Free AE Project File

Material Design: Keynote Animation

After Effects – Player freebie

Google Fit Animation + Project download

Keynote animation recreation

Google Material Design – Free AE Project File




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