30+ Best Free React Templates of 2023

By Jenifer

30+ Best Free React Templates of 2023

React is a JavaScript library for building powerful user interfaces, It’s used to create interactive UIs for web and mobile apps. Establishing a nice and subtle UI for your dashboard, app interface, or admin area, you want to create, can be challenging. You have to look out for every part that you want to make good-looking but you’re running out of time and budgets to polish them. Here comes free react templates that can help you out.

For the progress of powerful user interfaces, react templates come with a bunch of ready-made parts of code developed using react technology. React templates offer multiple packs of code depending on the variety and quantity of added elements. With a ready-made design of full-fledged pages, These templates have plugins, widgets, stand-alone components, component compositions, styling tools such as color theme effects, background styles, icons, etc.  Here you don’t need to write the code from scratch because templates clarify the method of web development by implementing working units of code for developers. React templates are useful for start-ups with limited budgets and large budgets for big enterprises and used by developers with different skills. 

In this article, you’ll find some amazing free React templates with essential functions. Stop squandering much time in building your own and check out these templates to kickstart your next applications. Get the excellent clarification to develop any tiny to complex size app with this list of best free React Templates.

TailAdmin React – Dashboard UI Kit + Template for React

TailAdmin is React + Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard UI Kit comes with everything you need to build data rich backend, dashboard or admin panel for your next web projects. It comes in 2 version – 1. Open Source and Free and 2. TailAdmin Pro. Free open source version contains everything you need specially all dashboard UI elements and essentials.

Solid – Next.js Template for SaaS

Solid is a free and premium Next.js SaaS boilerplate and template kit designed for building fully-functional SaaS startup websites. Pro version includes all the necessary integrations to quickly launch your next SaaS startup, such as Auth, DB, Blog, Business Pages, and various UI elements.

While Free version includes static Next.js pages, and elements ready to use all sort of SaaS websites.


startup nextjs

Startup is a premium quality Next.js React website template specifically tailored for startups, SaaS, and business websites. Our template is completely free and open source, providing all the essential components, pages, and sections needed for a complete website. Whether you’re looking to establish your brand or showcase your products and services, our template has everything you need to get started.


Shards is a free admin dashboard template built from scratch while following modern development best practices.  This template comes with lots of custom templates, pages, sections, and components. Also, Shards can modify and reflow to any viewport size and holds multiple 3rd-party plugins such as React Table, React Date Picker, and many more. Also, this free react template comes with 1500+ supported icons and has an excellent code quality feature. Shards react template is super lightweight and optimized for performance.


MatX is a full-featured React Native template built on top of Material Design. This beautifully crafted material design admin dashboard template builds with React, Redux & Material UI. MatX comes with all the essential features for building your new web applications to kickstart a new project. Also, The features are Material UI components, Form elements, JWT authentication, Sign-in pages, Code splitting, and more. Moreover, this admin dashboard template comes with beautiful pallet combinations. You can use the free version of this template to easily set up admin panels, user management systems, and project management systems.


Tabler is a responsive and high-quality React template that is a free and Open Source template built with Bootstrap. This template has fixes for package updates and Interactive tiles to display live stats. For a sleek and functional dashboard template, you can trust the Tabler React. Also, Tabler has many well-designed components, high-quality UI containing an admin dashboard, widgets, photo gallery, and more.

React Material Admin

React Material Admin is a react dashboard template that helps you to kickstart your next project. This one builds on top of the Material-UI framework with a simple responsive design. React Material Admin comes with various components, a straightforward design with form, table, and login pages. Moreover, this react template is absolutely jQuery and Bootstrap free and you can build front-end solutions for SaaS applications, E-Commerce platforms, IoT dashboards, or whatever web-oriented product you can create. 

Material Kit React

Material Kit React is a free UI kit based on Google’s Material Design. It comes with a fresh and tidy design, 60+ pre-built elements such as various buttons, inputs, progress bar, Navigation bar, Javascript components, etc. Also, Material UI Kit has three fully-coded example pages like a landing page, a portfolio page, and a login page for various tasks. These pages showcase digital products, apps, previous works, and also an entry door of any web application.


ArchitectUI created using create-react-app, Bootstrap 4, and Webpack. This useful react template comes with 9+ dashboard designs, 150+ components, and 200+ layouts to cover your personal projects and apps. Also, the dashboard designs are fully coded and here you can get sufficient elements, widgets, and components. Moreover, You can use their multiple color schemes for the sidebar, header, footer, and main content.


Datta is an innovative and useful admin dashboard template built using React, Redux, and Bootstrap 4 framework. This react template comes with several content-centric pages, fully developer-friendly code, ready-to-use dashboard widgets, and many more. This most intriguing react-free template has top performance in Google Speed, Pingdom, and GTMetrix. Datta Able is fully responsive and comes with a browser-tested design that highlights smooth rendering, easy scroll on diverse devices. 

Black Dashboard React

Black Dashboard React is a free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard for admin interfaces.  Also, This production-ready react template comes with stunning components to help you manage and visualize data of your business performance. You can build an admin dashboard with the features provided by Black Dashboard React. Moreover, This template comes with 16 handcrafted components, 3 customized plugins, and 8 example pages. This template offers higher-level segments, design kits, and reusable charts to enhance the user and improve activity from the beginning to the end.

Argon Design System

Argon Design System is a react design system for Bootstrap 4, and Reactstrap. This react template comes with more than 100 different components, ready-made examples, and every element has various states for styles, hover, and focus. These features give the freedom of choosing and combining the components with the guarantee of a seamless development process. Apparently, they ensure anyone can easily access and play with it. With the Argon Design system, you can go from prototyping to full-functional code.

React Reduction 

React Reduction is a free admin template created by React and Bootstrap 4. This reacts admin template offers a clean, sleek, and professional design that has a Pink-purple color scheme. Also, React Reduction comes with an infinite number of components, cards, charts, widgets, pages, and more that are equipped to do their functions. Some of the components are buttons, forms, drop-downs, badges, alerts, input groups, modals, and progress bars. Moreover, React Reduction has modern, interactive, and colorful elements that are ideal for any applications you use it with.

Chakra UI

Chakra UI allows you to build convenient React apps with a bunch of accessible and reusable React functional components. This react template comes with simple, modular elements and all of them are in a dark mode that is compatible too. Also, they follow the WAI-ARIA guidelines blueprints and are constructed on the peak of a React UI Primitive for unlimited composability. Apparently, Chakra UI has more features like having hundreds of contributors, the complete format script, and many more to make it super comfortable to create accessible websites and user interfaces.

Crystal Dashboard

Crystal Dashboard is a react template built using React, Redux, Bootstrap. This dashboard template includes a lot of simple and comfortable-to-use react components. Some of these components are charts, buttons, notifications, sweet alerts, Redux form, AirBnB react dates, Google map, Uber vector map, React Bootstrap table, and React big calendar. Also, Crystal has a simple, colorful, straightforward, and clean design for different companies. Moreover, this dashboard template can be used for building many kinds of dashboards including health, employees, company dashboard.

Paper Dashboard React

Paper Dashboard React is an amazing dashboard template created by Creative Tim. This awesome dashboard template is based on Bootstrap and Reactstrap. Also, It comes with excellent typography, spacious cards, and graphics. Moreover, Paper Dashboard react offers 16 outstanding components, 4 awesome plugins, and 7 light and effortless pages. The responsiveness, color combination, graphics, and typography of this template are outstanding and well-known. Apparently, Paper Dashboard React uses delicate colors and allows to change the color of the sidebar background and active color. With this dashboard template, you can efficiently build the color scheme you fancy for your apps.

Devias Kit

Devias Kit is a free material design admin dashboard made with Material UI’s components and React to promote your app improvement process. This responsive dashboard template uses Google’s Material Design framework as custom settings, directives, icons and styling, and many more. Devias Kit is packed with many features such as clear and intuitive directories and files, quick start documentation, and even Sketch files if you need to instantly create any adjustments to the design. 


CoreUI is an open-source free react template based on React and Bootstrap 4.  Also, you can use this awesome template for modern, beautiful, and responsive admin dashboard and ReactJS applications. CoreUI offers 50+ ready-to-use and customizable UI components. And these components include buttons, editors, forms, charts, icons, maps, tables, widgets, extras, and notifications. Moreover, CoreUI is fully compatible with FontAwesome icon packs. It means this free template allows tons of flexibility in styling. 

React JS Landing

React JS Landing is a one-page react app template for startups, digital agencies, and product-related brands. This simple react app template has amazing icons, galleries, customized forms, and more. Moreover, this template offers several scrollable sections via parallax scrolling effect, a thumbnail gallery to display product highlights or advantages, several pre-built icons, a meet the team component, and a full-width hero to represent images or videos. 

React Blur Admin

React Blur Admin is a react template built for admin dashboards. This awesome template comes with a lot of UI components like tables, forms, maps, charts, UI features, and basic components. Also, this admin dashboard template has a gray-and-blue color scheme that makes it so attractive to the viewers. Here all the pages, demos, and layouts can be downloaded separately. React Blur Admin is fully responsive to any kind of screen and device. Besides this template also offers a blurred and transparent design, 4 Chart libraries with various designs and options, 4 Map libraries integration, and Smart Table. 

Carolina React Admin Dashboard

Carolina React Admin Dashboard is created with Material-UI components framework. This amazing dashboard template has a clean and fresh design following Google’s Material Design specifications. Also, Carolina React Admin Dashboard comes with 23 Page templates, including many UI components, 2500+ Icon fonts, Consistent design, Optimized assets, and many more. Moreover, This admin dashboard template is fully responsive and well documented.

Notus React

Notus React is a free and Open Source template with a full-blown UI kit. This resourceful alternative can be used in both Front-end and back-end and, it’s an extension of TailwindCSS but doesn’t change or add any CSS. This open-source template comes with multiple HTML elements, dynamic components for ReactJS, Vue, and Angular. For creating a relaxing atmosphere, you can use Notus’s modernistic design. Moreover, Notus is fully responsive and can adapt to different screen sizes spontaneously. Hundreds of individual components will give you tons of options to design your layout just the way you like.

Xtream React Admin Lite

Xtream React Admin Lite is a free react template that has awesome features to build extraordinary interactive UIs.This useful dashboard template comes with 10+ UI components, 7+ page templates, integrated plugins, ready-to-use widgets, and 100+ font icons. Using the latest Reactstrap Version, Xtream React Admin Lite is exquisitely handcrafted. Also, this template has a clean and modern interface that is very easy to customize.  Xtream is fully responsive to different kinds of screens and devices. Additionally, This superb react admin template offers free lifetime updates.

SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2  is a free react template based on bootstrap 4. This awesome template has a modern design and many features that will trigger the interest of viewers.  SB Admin 2 is built for dashboards or web app UI and, while it costs nothing still delivers a pretty serious collection of amenities. This fully responsive react template can adapt to any kind of screen and device. Moreover, this template comes with three custom panel styles, powerful jQuery plugins for extended functionality, a built-in library of social buttons, and many more.


Volt is an open-source admin dashboard template built in React.js and Themsberg designed it. This admin dashboard template is based on Bootstrap’s latest version 5.0 with SaaS processing language. This dashboard has two versions one is Volt React Dashboard, and the other one is Volt Pro React dash, which costs $89. Moreover, this template comes with over 100 elements, and the library has been created applying a data-driven methodology. So a considerable portion of data is shifted to the components as an array of objects.

Light Blue React Template

Light Blue React Template is a developer-friendly dashboard built for SAAS, CRM, financial management applications, and so on. This dashboard template comes with awesome typography, tables basic, notifications, components, etc. The unique unobtrusive design of this template attracts the viewers most. Also, Light Blue React Template has a deep background and a fully documented codebase. Moreover, This template is fully responsive to most of the device and screen sizes and easily customizable.


Open is a free landing page template Designed for open source products and online services. This react template comes with a versatile library of sleek, minimalistic, and reusable components and elements. Also, Open has a dark and minimalistic design with interesting animations that catches the attention of viewers. Moreover, Open is fully responsible for different screen sizes and devices. If you want to build a quick and professional landing page for your open-source projects, online services, digital products, Open is the one for you.

Now UI Dashboard React

Now UI Dashboard React is an exceptional dashboard template for free react templates. This template is also an admin template by using Reactstrap. Also, this template has a vast collection of features that offers various possibilities for your upcoming dashboard app. Now UI Dashboard template comes with 16 handcrafted components, 5 customized plugins, and 7 pages. Moreover, this dashboard template is fully responsive and easy to customize. You can customize the sidebar background with your desired colors. Moreover, Now UI Dashboard react has  100 impressive Nucleo icons, maps, notifications, tables, and more.

Light Bootstrap Dashboard

The Light Bootstrap Dashboard is a simple dashboard template built on top of the Light Bootstrap Dashboard and React JS. This amazing dashboard template comes with  30 handcrafted elements, 3 customized plugins, 7 example pages, and many more. Moreover, this template has  6 filter colors for the sidebar and an option for a background image, which allows producing several design combinations. Light Bootstrap Dashboard is fully responsive and has support from bootstrap 4. 


The airframe is a free react dashboard template with amazing features and components. This template offers 10+ Layout variations, 7 Unique dashboards, 120+ Unique pages, 2 Starter templates, and many more. Also, Airframe has a lot of components that will make your upcoming project just like you want to be. Moreover, this template is fully responsive to any kind of device and screen and well documented. 

AntD Admin

AntD Admin is a free react admin dashboard built using Ant design and Umi Js. This admin template is perfect for your apps to give a kickstart. This dashboard template comes with internalization characteristics with extracting translation fields from source code, loading language packs, dynamic permissions, and so on. Also, AntD is developed with browsers compatibility so you can observe your dashboard well using influential browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Moreover, The template has a smooth, fresh, and minimal design and is excellent for enterprise applications.

React Webpack Skeleton

React Webpack Skeleton is a react template that contains the individual elements of the Blur theme. This react template has lots of components like buttons, bars, tables, about box, text inputs, modals, tabs, notifications. Also, this template has an amazing blue-green color scheme with multicolor elements that attract viewers. The Welcome page of React Webpack Skeleton features different panels and this one is fully responsive.

Bamburg React Admin Dashboard

Bamburg is a React Admin Dashboard template that comes with a lot of features and components for your upcoming project. This template has 24 Page templates included, a lot of UI components, 2500+ Icon fonts, and many more. Bamburg is easy to customize and well documented. Also, this admin dashboard template is fully responsive and has a Consistent design and Optimized assets. 

Thank you for reading the article and we highly appreciate it. I hope you find your new react template that you can use in your next project and let us know. So what am I missing? Do share it in the comment section. And also share your favorite one from the article.